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Neighborhood Watch Police Safety Tips

Every year through the neighborhood watch program literally hundreds of safety tips are passed from the Police Department to members of the neighborhood watch program for the community at large. Here are just some of those safety tips from the last year or so.

Safety When Walking

When possible, always go with a buddy.
Choose well lit busy streets and avoid shortcuts.
Carry a confident, purposeful look when you walk-body language is very important.
Carry a self-defense weapon with you especially at night, such as a tactical flashlight stun gun and a personal alarm.
If you are carrying a purse, secure it under your arm so it cannot be easily snatched.

If A Stranger Is At Your Door

  • Never indicate that you are home alone.
  • Never open your door to a stranger-use your peep hole.
  • Always verify a person’s identity even if it is a policeman, utility worker or handyman before letting him in your house by having them slide their identification card under the door.
  • If a parcel is delivered, always ask that it be left outside the door.
  • Do not fall victim to the scam of someone asking to use your telephone for an emergency to gain entry to your house. Make the phone call for them or call 911.

Telephone Calls

  • Do not give your telephone number to anybody. If a “wrong number” always ask “what number are you calling?”
  • If you received a threatening, harassing or obscene telephone call, notify your local police department and the phone company.
  • Check references of any person seeking personal information for a survey, credit check or subscription drive.

Safety At Home

  • Make sure that you have all your doors and windows locked even when you’re at home.
  • Remove or trim shrubbery that hides lower-level doors and windows so neighbors can see someone attempting a break-in.
  • A dog with a loud bark is often the best defense against home burglary.
  • Install quality deadbolts on all doors.
  • Connect outside lights to a timing device motion detector or light-sensitive switch so some lights switch on automatically during hours of darkness.

 Parking Tips

  • After a particularly rough winter with spring and warm temperatures around the corner many people flock to parks, recreation areas and trails for some outdoor activity. This is the time of year when car break-ins are at their highest.
  • Leave your valuables at home.
  • Never leave anything in view inside your car. A gym bag may hold valuables.
  • If you put anything in your trunk while parking, do so before you get to your destination. Thieves sometimes watch citizens from afar.
  • Do not keep spare keys in your car.
  • Remember to remove your insurance card and registration from your car. You have to have it with you when you drive, but it should be in your wallet not left in your car. Carry a personal alarm and self-defense product with you such as a pepper spray.
  • When you go for a hike, carry a cellular phone with you.

Follow these police safety tips from the Neighborhood Watch program and you will be way ahead of the game when it comes to home security and personal safety.

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