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Long Range Pepper Spray Self-Defense

Long Range Pepper Spray Self-Defense

In our Guide to Pepper Spray, we go over qualities to use for effective pepper spray usage. One of them is the range or distance that the pepper spray is capable of. Most pepper sprays have a range of 6 to 12 feet with bear spray being the exception at 35 feet.

In today’s article, we are talking about self-defense weapons that can shoot potent pepper spray longer distances than regular pepper sprays. We are discussing our best-recommended pepper gun. To be perfectly honest, most people may be interested in many branded pepper guns, usually because of the cost. They are mostly used by law enforcement for crowd control, but civilians can use them for dog attack defense or any other long-range self-defense use. They are considerably more expensive than normal pepper sprays which can start as low as $4.95.

The best-recommended pepper gun is the Pepper Spray Gun as shown above that sells for $41.99. It utilizes replaceable cartridges for so-called “bag in the can” technology. Every unit is test fired before shipping and contains a serial number and expiration date on the canister. It utilizes a 10% concentration of oleoresin capsicum with 2 million SHU (Scoville heat units) which is pretty standard for the industry. This pepper gun can fire a constant pepper spray stream up to 25 feet from any angle.

Our list of pepper spray products continues to grow to serve any situation. From keychain pepper sprays to pepper gel, our assortment can prepare you for any assailant at any time. You can browse our Pepper Spray Products. Also, if you need heavy duty defense, we also carry Pepper Gels for ultimate defense. 

Have you ever used a pepper gun? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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