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Is A Hidden Camera Watching You?

Is A Hidden Camera Watching You?

In today’s blog post we’re talking about some unusual uses of hidden cameras. As you shall see in our examples, they can be used for much more than as nanny cameras.

In Clover, South Carolina parents of special needs students in the local school district are calling for hidden cameras in their children’s classrooms because they have lost all trust in district leadership. The parents of one 10 year old autistic boy was pulled out of school by his parents after he began showing severe behaviors when going to and coming home from school. Parents of another autistic boy pulled their son out of school after he began showing severe behaviors as well. Apparently two years ago a former teacher’s aide testified that she saw autistic children being abused in the “special ed” classrooms. Shortly after the teacher’s aide came forward, her coworkers treated her differently and she was fired a few months later when she reported the allegations.

From the NBC affiliate in Washington, D.C. hundreds of dollars recently disappeared from the school safe at a local elementary school. The principal responded by installing hidden cameras inside the bookkeeper’s office and near the safe itself.

From Hopkins, MN comes this story about how hidden cameras were used to catch elder abuse in the act. Police say a hidden camera set up by the family of a Hopkins nursing home resident captured an aide repeatedly beating the woman.

The resident’s daughter set up a camera at the Glenn Hopkins senior home after finding unexplained bruising on her mother. The family shared the video with Hopkins Police, who arrested the 55-year-old aide. The woman has been charged with two counts of assault.

According to the Star Tribune, the aide was seen on video using her hand, elbow and a hair brush to hit the woman in the head. The video also showed the elderly woman being pulled up from the floor by her hair.

The nursing home administrator says the aide was fired and the facility is reviewing its hiring, training and supervisory practices.

In a separate story from Australia, Labour Party volunteers have been caught on hidden cameras bragging about using Australian taxpayer funds to work on a US presidential campaign and interfering with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton campaign signs. In a video that was posted online by the conservative undercover campaign group “Project Veritas Action” four Australians are recorded saying they received taxpayer funds for flight accommodations and daily expenses while organizing for Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign which is a possible breach of U.S. election law. The former president of the Australian National University Labor Club is identified in the video trying to remove campaign signs for Republican candidate Donald Trump, acknowledging the secret recording and tactics were not legal.

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