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How to Find Listening Devices and Hidden Cameras Using a Bug Detector and Hidden Camera Finder

Admittedly it doesn’t happen very often that you need to find a listening device or hidden camera in your home, office or perhaps even in your business. Industrial espionage is still a pretty big business. That is one reason why camera and bug detectors even exist-to solve that problem. Where are they?

Actually, most of them are so small that they can be almost anywhere and not visible. But all hidden cameras and listening devices send out radio frequencies or RF. So if you can find the RF’s, you can find out where the hidden cameras or listening devices are.

Corporate security personnel uses sophisticated equipment to sweep corporate meeting rooms to clear them of all devices that send out radio frequencies. Private investigators get hired to do the same thing in a home.

Believe it or not, neighbors spy on neighbors. The incidents of hidden cameras that are placed in public buildings by voyeurs seem to be on the increase. Hidden cameras especially are designed so that they fit in anywhere and no one would suspect that a coat hook, an air freshener or even a wall outlet could be a hidden camera.

There is a bug detector/hidden camera finder on the market that guarantees results that are as good as an RF detector costing much more. It detects wireless cameras, wireless audio bugs, Wi-Fi signals, live cell phones and much more. It can fit right into the palm of your hand because it is only 4 inches tall and 2.25 inches wide. It can detect a signal from as much as 10 meters or 32 feet away. 98% of all RF signals are in the 1 MHz to 6 GHz range which is what this inexpensive model can detect. It works on two AAA batteries that are not included.

There is another model that uses laser frequency visual detection with a scanning range of 1 MHz to 6 GHz. It has an audible RF alert and LED signal strength meter. It also uses two AAA batteries. This can be carried in your pocket or purse for quick sweeps of any area where cameras are suspected. It has a visual detection feature that allows you to look through the specially focused viewing port and find hidden cameras within a 5 to 10-foot range.

If you are the least little bit suspicious of a hidden camera or a hidden listening device in your home, office or corporate board room, this is the best way to find them.

There are inexpensive RF Bug Detectors that work quite well and another camera/bug detectors that use a specially focused viewport to find hidden cameras. Check them out here.

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