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How to Fight Crime – Creative Ways to Fight Crime and the Criminal Element

Some people think that it takes a lot of creativity to be a criminal. It seems like they are always inventing with new ways of cheating the public. I saw something about two weeks ago about a criminal who came up with something that attached a gadget to a gas dispensing machine similar to the ones used across the country. This device read the magnetic strip on the back of credit cards when someone was paying for their gas. The gizmo was available online for less than $100 and the criminal used what looked like popsicle sticks taped to the card reader to hold it in place for a realistic look.

It is one example of how creative the bad guys can get in trying to rip you off. But don’t worry because manufacturers of self-defense products, products for home security and hidden cameras are one step ahead of them in that area. They are creating ways to fight back against the criminal element. What will they think of next?

One of the most effective home security products is a safe called a diversion safe. The idea behind it is you “hide things in plain sight.” It is a well-documented fact that burglars will spend no more than 5 to 10 minutes inside a house looking for things of value. So when burglars do break in they would not think to look in your refrigerator for a can of soda that is actually a diversion safe. Or they would never think to look in your utility closet for a bottle of bleach that is another one of the most popular diversion safes.

Again, the idea of these diversion safes is to hide valuables such as jewelry, cash and even documents inside them in “plain sight.” If a burglar can’t find what he’s looking for in 10 minutes, he will leave for fear of getting caught spending any more time in the house.

And another area is disguised self-defense products. Pepper sprays that look like pens or lipstick containers. Or how about stun guns that look like cell phones or ball point pens. Self defense products can disable an assailant for up to 45 minutes giving you to escape a dangerous situation.

So it doesn’t pay to be a criminal anymore because there are too many ways that you can get caught. Homeowners and citizens are fighting back; we are out to get the bad guys.

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