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Backpacks and Equipment Cases-Three Of The Best Models

When you’re looking to buy a backpack or equipment case for camping, hiking, fishing, hunting or any other outdoor activity, make sure you find one that is comfortable to wear and has plenty of pockets. If you put too much weight in a backpack or equipment case, you will not only wear out your back but ruin your activity.

Try putting the heaviest items into the bottom of your backpack first so it rests closer to the small of your back then put lighter weight objects on top. This will also act as a test to see if you are over packing. A good dry run for comfort is to walk around the block once or twice.

Here are three of the best backpacks and equipment cases that you can use for your camping, hiking, hunting or fishing expeditions.

1. The first is the MOLLE (MOdular lightweight load carrying equipment) backpack. It has a large main compartment with hydration slip pocket. It features adjustable padded shoulder straps. It has a frame-less panel loading pack with a large main compartment, front and midsize compartment and a front flap compartment all of which are zippered. The hydration slip pocket is located in the main compartment. It has a heavy duty carry and drag handle and external side straps. Attachments can carry modular pouches.

2. The Quick Draw tactical vest has 12 pouches located on the front of the vest and two large zipper pouches inside the vest. Lashing straps loops are located on the back of the vest. It has a pistol holster located on the front of the vest. There is lots of adjustable sizing to make it extremely comfortable to wear.

3. One of the more popular carrying cases is the MOLLE Weapons Carry Case. This model is 42 inches long, enough to carry two rifles, two pistols and many accessories. It is a U.S. Army style modular lightweight load carrying equipment case. Thick foam padding protects your weapons in the main compartment. Straps on both sides hold the weapons in place. There are two concealed padded pockets inside for carrying sidearms. Velcro straps secure the weapons. The three outermost pockets have plenty of room for cleaning kits and extra weapons magazines. It features rugged zippers that will withstand all outdoor conditions. The two sets of straps allow you to carry your bag like a backpack or sling the bag over your shoulder. It is designed so you hardly know you’re wearing it because of the even weight distribution and design of the straps.

These are the three of the best models of backpacks and equipment cases that you can use in outdoor conditions for camping, hiking, fishing or hunting.

One of the most popular backpacks is the MOLLE Backpack.

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