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Home Security with Remote Surveillance

Remote Internet surveillance is simply the ability to see things that the camera sees from anywhere in the world-anywhere that is that you can get an Internet connection. This gives you the ability to be in two places at one time, if you will. It can only be done with cameras that connect to the Internet and establish an IP address. When you’re in a remote location you log into the IP address and presto there you are.

Many cameras have that capability of establishing an IP address with the help of some software. There are regular security cameras and a lot of hidden cameras. The connection can be made via a Wi-Fi connection, a USB or IP receiver and software.

“Wi-Fi capabilities let you easily view surveillance camera footage online in real-time or video can be wirelessly streamed over the internet through your router via IP or USB receiver to view remotely anywhere on your computer or Smartphone.”

Most Popular Uses For Remote Internet Viewing

1. Business security. If you own a business, no one needs to tell you that you cannot be in all places at all times. Say that you own a retail store and have to leave town or go on vacation at some point, but you have employees that you can’t quite trust. One way to keep an eye on them is with remote Internet viewing. You can log onto your computer from wherever you are in the world and see what’s going on back in your business.

Or let’s say that you have multiple locations for your business, perhaps a warehouse or perhaps a remote production facility and you need to see what’s going on there. This gives you the capability to view all of these remote locations from your office or home.

2. Home security. If you own a home and have children, you may hire a babysitter or nanny to take care of your little ones. How do you know for sure that babysitter or nanny is doing what they’re supposed to be doing and not ripping you off or abusing your children?

How about if you have elder parents that live in another city and you are concerned about their well-being but can’t be there all the time? This gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on them from afar-surveillance cameras on steroids.

Those are the most popular uses for remote Internet viewing. There are others, and they are only limited by your access to the Internet and your imagination.

Our Air Purifier Wi-Fi IP camera allows to see what your camera sees from anywhere you can get an Internet connection.

This Remote View Camera uses a USB receiver to to remote internet viewing.

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