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Home Security-Wireless Alarm Systems-Two Of The Best

Home security is a tricky business. There so many products out there for you to choose from that it can almost be staggering. Wireless alarm systems have been proven to be one of the best tools that you can use for home security. They’re invisible to an intruder and have improved greatly in the last five years or so with great increases in technology.

To help guide you along we have selected two of the best wireless alarm systems for your home security; the Homesafe wireless security system and the Strobe eight piece home security alarm system.

The Homesafe system has the capability of dialing up to five phone numbers once motion is detected. It is simple to install. There are no monthly monitoring fees. The programmable keypad allows you to easily arm and disarm the program. The external motion sensors when they’re triggered sound an alarm and then a signal is sent to the base unit to dial the phone numbers. One of the big features I like about this unit is that you can add up to 14 additional wireless sensors, which would easily cover the whole house. The unit comes with the main base control unit with controllable keypad, a hundred and five decibel alarm, one wireless window/door sensor, one wireless motion sensor, one remote control to arm and disarm the unit, a panic button and all the equipment needed to mount the unit.

The Strobe Home Security Alarm System comes with motion and glass break detection kit. It also is easy to install and is completely wireless. It has a hidden arm and disarm switch. The unit comes with two glass break detectors and two remote key fobs. It is the same kind of system installed by professional companies only hundreds of dollars less and no monitoring fees. It protects your home with one motion detector and two glass break sensors. The motion detector works up to 30 feet away. Once motion is detected an ear piercing alarm sounds and the blinding strobe light flashes. The remote allows you to adjust the sensitivity, turn on or off or use the panic alarm that causes the alarm to sound instantly.

There are always plenty of home security devices, home security gadgets a few well to choose from. The key thing is to do something and these home security wireless alarm systems are an effective tool to improve your home security and will help both home invasion and home burglary.

We invite you to check all of our Wireless Alarm Systems.

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