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Home Security – Ways To Prevent Vandalism, Graffiti And Other Crimes

“Vandalism is an offense that occurs when a person destroys or defaces someone else’s property without permission. Effects of vandalism may include broken windows, graffiti, damage to vehicles, and even damage or destruction of a person’s website.”

Some warped minds who don’t own the property they are defacing, consider it art. Homeowners, business owners and law enforcement officials would disagree. Property damage throughout the country is in the billions every year. One of the problems is that penalties for vandalism and graffiti are very lenient but that pales in comparison with the problem of trying to catch the perpetrators in the first place.

They are often gang members who are out to prove their worth to the gang by destroying the property of others. As such, they are elusive to say the very least.

For millions of homeowners across the country home security is a big enough issue by itself. With nearly one out every six homes the target of a home burglar every year it is a substantial crime that homeowners are rightfully concerned about.

And even though it’s not as big a problem as home burglary, vandalism and graffiti can be a substantial problem too depending on where you live.

Here’s a way to help solve the home security and home burglary problem, possibly catch those bad guys and catch graffiti artists and home vandals who are doing a number on your home. As a bonus, it sends a message to people who see these surveillance cameras outside your home to stay away.

Security cameras or surveillance cameras that are mounted outside your home send a clear unmistakable signal to would-be burglars as well as vandals and graffiti artists to stand down and stay away from your property. Well placed security and surveillance cameras not only protect your home but keep an eye on your neighbors’ property too.

It is a proven fact from law enforcement authorities that if you have surveillance footage from Surveillance Cameras in and around your home chances are improved by over 50% of catching the bad guys.

A night vision camera mounted in your car can provide valuable evidence to law enforcement authorities and aid in the prosecution of home burglars or graffiti artists.

A surveillance camera is a proven deterrent to home burglary just ask any burglar or law enforcement officer. For best effectiveness place one camera over each entry way and out building such as a detached garage.

Here’s another way of catching the bad guy with a video camera mounted inside your car. The Car Dash Camera can be a valuable tool in fighting property crime.

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