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Home Security – Two Ways to Protect Your Home Against Burglary

Home security is a major concern to all homeowners and apartment dwellers. If you live in your home for as little as five years chances, are close to 90% that you will be a victim of a home burglary. Between the value of goods taken in burglary and damage done to your home, statistics show that it is close to $3500-not a trifling amount. That is one of the reasons why home burglary is so popular-it is a lucrative business.

Recently we discussed two excellent ways to prevent valuables from being stolen from your home. Those were to take some preventative steps in the first place to prevent the bad guys from getting in. Basic home security principles of fortifying windows and doors with alarms and eliminating hiding places are a good start. And then we mentioned that if the bad guys do get in, to hide your valuables in a safe that is too heavy for one person to carry.

Here we’re going to discuss two more ways to prevent valuables from being stolen in a home burglary. They are to use surveillance cameras on the outside of your home and diversion safes on the inside to hide your valuables.

It is a well-proven fact that burglars scout neighborhoods looking for easy targets. Part of their scouting process is to look for homes that have surveillance or security cameras. Burglars don’t want to get caught. So if they see a security camera or surveillance camera on the outside of the home, chances are they will pick another target which is exactly what you want them to do.

If they do break in, the security camera footage will aid law enforcement authorities in catching the bad guys and increase the chances of them being caught by almost 50%.

If the bad guys do get in, they spend no more than 10 minutes looking for things of value. Again they don’t want to get caught. That’s why they don’t risk spending more time in a home. That’s where Diversion Safes come in. Diversion safes are common everyday items that people don’t think twice about seeing. They are hollowed out with secret compartments to hold things of value and then weighted down so they have the feel of the real thing.

No burglar in his right mind would waste time looking for cash, jewelry, credit cards-the items that are most frequently stolen-inside a soda can, or a bottle of bleach or any of the other common objects that are diversion safes.

Protect your home from home burglary and protect your valuables from being stolen by installing some home security cameras and using diversion safes to protect your valuables.

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