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Home Security – Four Popular Types Of Home Safe Deposit Boxes To Protect Your Valuables

Safes are without a doubt the most secure way to care for anything you value whether it’s cash, papers, handguns, rifles, credit cards or anything else that’s valuable. Home security safes or other kinds of safes provide that valuable protection.

It’s a well-documented fact that burglars spend no more than five or 10 minutes inside a home committing their crime. That’s an average. So if you can figure out a way to either hide or protect your valuables for those 10 minutes you’re way ahead of the game.

The four most popular types of safes to protect your valuables for home security purposes against burglary are; can, hunting rifle, home security and diversion safes.

A can is a type of diversion safe that is exclusively limited to cans. They can be soda cans or other types of cans. They have hollowed out interiors that can be weighted down to give the feel of the real product.

A variation of that theme is the diversion safe. They can be any kind of household or office product that a burglar wouldn’t think twice about seeing. Remember he only has on average about 10 minutes to commit his crime. So he is not going to open every mayonnaise jar or bottle of bleach he finds in the house looking for cash or credit cards. Perhaps the most famous of all diversion safes are book safes that are big enough to hold larger objects such as handguns.

And since so many people hunt or shoot rifles for recreation Big Rifle Safes have become very popular. Burglars look for handguns and rifles because they are so valuable and are easy to pawn which makes them one of the first things they look for when they do a home burglary. These types of safes are fireproof for one hour at 1250°F. They offer protection against water and smoke damage and have chrome plated solid steel locking bolts on the door and on the hinge side. They also have armor-plated protection on the lock that is drill and ballistic resistant.

And of course the most popular is the regular home security safe that can be either a digital electronic lock or a dial lock. These are primarily built to resist the ravages of fire but they do have vertical locking bars to prevent burglary. Most of them are heavy enough so that they cannot be stolen from a home.

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