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Home Security – Two of the Best Gun Safes for Your Home

No one knows the exact number of handguns there are in the United States but estimates vary and show that 40% of all American households have guns in them. A rough number of 105 million handguns is the latest estimate. Whatever the number, it is huge. No other country in the world has as many handguns as the United States.

Some people argue that’s good and others argue that it is not so good. Responsible gun owners not only need the required permits to have their guns registered but they should get proper training on how to use the guns. How to secure them in the home is another issue.

There are two major threats to keeping handguns in the home. There is the external threat, which is a burglary or worse a home invasion. Both categories of crime are on the increase. Then there’s an internal threat to having a handgun inside the house-accidental use by a child or member of the household. In either case, a key part of home security is protection of handguns from home burglary or accidental use by a family member.

The best way to secure handguns is with a safe disguised as something common to the household but used as a gun safe-a so-called diversion safe. Many security professionals will tell you that the best place to hide something is to not to hide it at all, but to put it in plain sight. When a burglar breaks into your house if he can’t find what he’s looking for in the first 5 minutes, he will leave. He can’t look at everything. His instincts will not lead him to look at a book, for example, or a mantle clock. A book safe is an excellent example of a great safe for a handgun.

Here are two leading models of safes that can hide handguns and improve your home security.

This Large Book Safe with a three digit combination lock is a great gun safe because it fits right into your natural home surroundings.

Another safe that is specifically designed for guns comes in the form of a mantle clock. The compartment is large enough to hold a big handgun or anything else you value. It looks just like a mantle clock and is battery-operated. It has a rich wood finish with a latched hidden compartment that holds the gun or whatever else you want to hide.

What makes these safes so effective is that they are hidden in plain sight. These are two of the top models of gun safes for home security.

Learn more about all of our Home Gun Safes.

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