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Home Security – Tips On How To Protect Your Home From Burglary

There was a story recently about a neighborhood in San Antonio that was getting hit by burglars so frequently that one resident was quoted as saying “people don’t feel secure when they’re trying to sleep at night, because we got somebody prowling around.” Enough was enough, said the residents, as they sought a better course of action than the inaction from overwhelmed authorities.

The residents become so frustrated that their local neighborhood Association is considering hiring a security guard to help keep them safe at night. Many of the residents have installed security cameras to catch the bad guys in action. The problem is, when they turn the video over to the sheriff’s department to catch the burglars, they are so overworked that just isn’t high on their list of priorities.

And that is actually so typical of many cities around the country that have been forced to cut back on their sheriff’s department and other law enforcement resources. There’s one city in New Jersey, Camden, which is actually considering letting all of their 360 police officers go because the city can’t afford to pay the fringe benefits for those officers. The city would then hire replacement officers without those benefits.

Cities all over the country are faced with similar circumstances and have to make tough decisions, not just in the police department, but fire departments too. This is forcing many neighborhoods to consider taking action on their own to protect their little area by doing things like installing security cameras and hiring private security guards.

In case you didn’t know this, homeowners must bear the responsibility for their own home security. Law enforcement officials never have been able to do it and now with cutbacks in staffing, it leaves severe holes in their force and critically depletes their ability to do their job.

If homeowners would simply lock their doors and windows even when they are home, that would be a good first step in preventing burglaries.

One other thing that homeowners can do is join or start a neighborhood watch program. They have been in effect for over 30 years all over the country with great success. Neighborhoods with watch programs report lower crime than similar neighborhoods without one. That’s pretty much all you need to know. Your local police department can help get one set up. They put homeowners in touch with resources that would otherwise not be available.

So, neighbors get a move on; get organized, seize the bull by the horns and start protecting your property. After all, for many it is the biggest investment that you have. Isn’t it worth protecting?

The Electronic Watchdog Alarm is one of the most effective because burglars hate growling dogs.

The inexpensive Video Patrol Camera uses motion activation to take still photos and videos to protect your property.

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