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Home Security – The Three Types of Effective Dummy Security Cameras For Your Home and Business

In the world of fake security cameras there are three generic types: the dome, the bullet and the globe. The dome camera including a high-speed dome is the largest selling security surveillance camera in the world. Second to them are bullet cameras. And third in popularity are the globe cameras.

Fake surveillance cameras are so realistic looking that no one can tell the difference. Some of them even take the housing from a real security camera and remove the inner workings-the expensive part. That realistic look makes it an effective tool to use for home security and business security.

A good example of a dome camera is a dummy dome camera with a thick base and 24/7 flashing LED. It even has a yellow CCTV decal. It can be installed easily on the ceiling or wall. The camera is 5 inches across and 2 inches high. It uses three AAA batteries. It also has a flashing red LED light which makes the camera visible particularly at night.

One reason why the fake large bullet parking lot security camera is so realistic looking is because it is a real security camera with the camera taken out so it’s in an actual security camera housing. The flashing red LED guarantees visibility. This is the same kind of outdoor security camera that you see them parking lots and big-box stores. It is a high visibility camera that weighs 4 pounds and works on two AA batteries. All the hardware comes with it allowing installation in minutes.

The globe camera is basically a bigger version of the dome camera only it has a smoky interior finish so the criminal doesn’t know which direction the camera is pointing. This example is 12 inches in diameter and is meant for ceiling installation. It can be used, in conjunction with another real surveillance system, to give the impression that a bigger areas being covered.

Another type of camera that doesn’t get as much notoriety is the dummy IP camera. It is similar to a bullet camera, but it has an antenna coming out of the back and a zoom lens. It can be used indoors or outdoors.

This Fake Surveillance Camera is called the moon mirror camera because it is a convex mirror with three simulated flashing CCTV camera lenses. It is 8 inches in diameter and has three flashing LED lights that are on the go 24/7. This is the most sophisticated looking fake surveillance camera there is. The beauty of this camera is that it gives the illusion of covering a huge area, which makes it perfect for retail stores businesses, schools or warehouses.

For a realistic look at an inexpensive price, fake security cameras are a great way to improve your home security or business security.

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