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Home Security – Prevent Burglaries With An Electronic Watchdog Alarm

About eight years ago we did a story that involved home burglaries in our local area. At the time, an interview was done with a high-ranking police officer who was asked quite bluntly what was the best deterrent against home burglaries? His answer? A barking, growling dog. And that shouldn’t surprise you. A barking dog sends chills up and down my spine as it does to most people.

A few months ago there was an article about a professional burglar who was caught after 90 some successful home burglaries. He literally made a living by burglarizing other people’s homes. As part of the plea deal that he made with the prosecutor, he revealed some insider tips in the hopes of helping people prevent burglaries.

Among many other things, he said that if there was a sign in the front yard that warned of a dog he would skip that house and move onto another one. If there was no sign and he got to the house and heard a dog, he would move onto another house. He made it very clear that he didn’t want to have anything to do with a dog.

Before you run out and get yourself a dog to improve your home security and prevent burglaries, consider getting something that’s even better. Something that doesn’t require any feeding, walking, training or cleaning maintenance. It is called the electronic watchdog or the barking dog alarm. As a bonus it is much cheaper than a dog too.

The product stands 9 inches tall and can plug into any standard wall outlet. But it also has battery-operated capability as a backup. It provides 24 hour protection for your home or any area that you might want to protect in a business or warehouse. When armed it can sense movement through walls, doors or windows in an area that is a 100 degree arc up to 15 feet away. When that space is invaded, the sound of an angry barking dog starts.

The volume of the barking and the sensitivity are both adjustable. There’s a remote control key fob that enables you to arm or disarm the unit from a distance.

There are hundreds if not thousands of home security products that can improve your home security and protect you against home burglary. But there are none better or more effective than the electronic watchdog. It is by far the most popular selling home security alarm in the country.

The Electronic Watchdog can protect your home against any burglar.

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