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Home Security – Motion Sensor Alarms With Noise Alerts To Scare Away Burglars From Your Home

If you ask any burglar what his three worst enemies are the answer will come, not in any particular order, as time, lights and noise.

Time is his enemy because the longer it takes him to get in and out of a house and find what he is looking for the greater the chance is that he gets caught. That’s why things like diversion safes inside the house are so effective. They hide things in plain sight to make it difficult for him to find what he’s looking for such as cash, jewelry and things that he can stuff into his pocket.

Lights are a big enemy of the burglar. He likes to do his work in the dark. That’s why motion activated spotlights are so effective at night and a random timer for interior lights that make it appear as though someone’s at home.

And the third big enemy of a burglar is noise. That’s where burglar alarms come in handy. Burglar alarms do two things; they scare the burglar away, and secondarily they make enough noise to alert nearby neighbors that there is something going on in the house that shouldn’t be going on.

Home burglary is still one of the most popular crimes in the country mostly because homeowners make it so darn easy. Close to 90% of all home burglaries occur through unlocked doors and windows. Does that make any sense? So come on folks try locking your doors and windows as a start and that will slow the burglar down in the first place.

To give you some monetary motivation for preventing a burglary, police statistics show that close to $1700 worth of goods are taken in the average burglary and another $1700 worth of damage is done to the home. So that makes it an expensive proposition, not to mention the psychological feeling of violation at being a victim of a burglary, which is substantial and doesn’t go away quickly.

When it comes to home burglar alarms, obviously the more noise it makes the better. So loudness counts. But the most effective home burglar alarms are motion activated alarms. Ones that can sense movement and protect an area are the most effective.

That is why one home security alarm stands out among the others as being the most effective, and it just so happens it’s the most well-known. The barking dog alarm or the electronic watchdog protects an area up to 20 feet away. If that area is invaded, the sound of an angry barking dog starts. Even police will tell you that a barking dog is the best protection against home burglary.

The Barking Dog Alarm is one of the best motion detection alarms for home security.

Check out all of our other Motion Detection Alarms All of them are effective but one of them will be just right for you.

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