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Home Security – Keyless Entry Locks For Homes And Businesses

Do you have areas in your office or business that you want to keep secure? One of the best ways to do it is with a keyless locking mechanism. How many times have your kids lost their keys and were unable to get into the house? A keyless lock may be your answer so you’ll never need a key again. Do you have a senior in your house or someone who is disabled who lives on the second floor who is unable to get to the front door in case someone’s there? There’s even a keyless lock remote that can solve that problem.

We certainly are not trying to put locksmiths out of business but this new generation of keyless locks is something worth investigating. They improve security for home, office or a business and eliminate the ability of crooks to break into your house by a technique called lock bumping.

There is a mechanical keyless lock that is weatherproof that has a reversible handle for all sided doors. It can be used indoors or outdoors. It can be taken in and out of “passage mode” as needed to allow free access without using the keypad. The combination can be changed at any time as needed.

Then there is an electronic keypad that sounds an alert if an incorrect entry is attempted. It offers a reversible handle and can be used for home, office, retail, model homes or any control point that requires multiple users. It can be used on right or left-handed doors and you can program up to 10 codes which can be added or deleted as needed to accommodate guests, repairmen or housekeepers.

Then there is a keypad deadbolt that’s illuminated with an optional automatic locker. It allows up to six user codes and is perfect for home, business or a variety of commercial situations, including real estate model homes. The automatic re-lock feature locks the door each time it’s closed providing superior security. There is a lockout function that disables the lock for 45 seconds after five incorrect entries.

The one that we like the most is the Keypad Deadbolt Remote an illuminated keypad with remote. It has all the same features as the illuminated keypad deadbolt mentioned above but includes a remote control to unlock a door from 30 feet away. This would enable you to unlock your front door at night without having to worry about fumbling for keys. It is an excellent way for housebound seniors or disabled people who live on a second floor to unlock a front door without having to descend stairways or for the busy mom who is carrying groceries or children-just press the button and unlock your front door.

Keyless locks are an excellent way to improve your home security, but they work for office security and business security as well.

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