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Home Security Information – Home Security Mysteries Unraveled

If you have ever been in a natural disaster such as a wildfire or tornado or have seen video footage of natural disasters’ devastating effects, you will notice more than likely that not every home has been hit. Some are spared. It looks strange to see a whole block of homes leveled with one home completely untouched. That is the mystery of mother nature.

The same can be said for home security; some homes are the targets, while others are not. Many homeowners wonder why their home was chosen as opposed to their neighbors’. That is the mystery of home security. Why me? And why not somebody else? Here we are trying to shed some light on this mystery and unravel it so that you might be able to protect your home better from home burglary and home invasion.

Well there is a reason why specific homes are targeted and others are not. It all has to do with how the home looks to a burglar from the outside. Some homes look like easy targets, while others may not. Here are some of the things the burglars look for when they pick their targets for a home burglary.

Does the home have any obvious impediments in the way of security systems, security cameras or guard dogs? Those are three things that burglars have an aversion to. They recognize that home security systems, whether they are monitored or not, present a formidable obstacle. The same is true of security cameras. And as for guard dogs, they are at the top of the list of things that burglars do not like.

90% or more of all home burglaries are done during the day, so exterior lighting is really not a factor. But what can be a factor is electronics that periodically go on and off giving the illusion that someone is at home. Absent that, just leave a radio playing somewhere which works just as well. A home security alarm works very well at scaring the bad guys away too.

The old expression about an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is true when it comes to home security and especially true for home invasion. You want to do everything you can to avoid and prevent these crimes from happening to you and your family in the first place. The trauma of being violated by a home burglary can cause nightmares for years.

So you see the mystery of home security has been unraveled.

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