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Home Security-Burglary Booty on Craigslist

A lot of people are out of work these days. The latest statistics show almost 10% of the workforce is unemployed. Another recent statistic shows that that level of unemployment will continue for approximately 2 more years. For many people, a way to survive is thru crime. That is just a fact.

Ordinary people who are honest get desperate. When there’s no help available and no job, they turn to crime and home burglary is probably the lowest risk, highest reward crime you can do. Even if you do get caught, which is highly unlikely, the penalties for home burglary are laughable.

But what you do with things stolen other than cash? Many people are turning to selling things on eBay or on Craigslist. Here is a story about some people who did just that out in LA. The victims of a home burglary saw what they thought was their belongings, which were somewhat specialized, listed for sale on Craigslist. They reported it to law enforcement authorities who did an undercover sting to recover the stolen property.

When police arrested the Craigslist seller, they found other property, including marijuana and cash.

A Wireless Alarm System is one way to prevent home burglaries.

Feedback on these posts is appreciated. Ever been the victim of a home burglary? We want to hear your thoughts.

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