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Hidden Security Cameras – What Are the Different Types?

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Protecting your home doesn’t just involve improving your locks and putting a doorbell camera at your front door. You can take measures that can go unseen to the naked eye. 

Hidden cameras allow you to live the life of a spy while keeping your home safe. Worried that the babysitter is stealing money while you and your spouse are out? Notice that you lost some jewelry the last time Aunt Celeste was over? Find something missing after the plumber was left alone in your basement? A well-placed hidden camera can capture this on recorded footage, providing you with evidence to be used for protection. 


But what types of hidden security cameras are available to you? There are many different ones available on the market, so it’s best to understand your options to find which type best fits your needs. 

Hidden Mini Spy Cameras

Sometimes surreptitious surveillance is the best option. Mini spy cameras allow you to keep an eye on the activities within your home without drawing attention to yourself. These cameras are meant to be hidden in plain sight, in areas where no regular person would expect them to be, making it easy for you to watch over whatever is happening within your home. 

Wi-Fi Spy Cameras 

Are you worried about protecting your home when you’re not around? Do you want a device that will notify you when someone is caught on camera? 

Wi-Fi cameras provide just this to users, all within an inexpensive package that is useful to both homeowners and business owners. Connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, these cameras have recording capabilities that will store footage for future use; better yet, many of them will allow you to monitor footage through an app. 

Some Wi-Fi cameras are motion-activated, recording footage only when motion is noticed, as well as providing you with a notification when movement is recorded. This is perfect for business owners who want to keep an eye on their store during closed hours and for homeowners away for vacation. 

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Motion-Activated Cameras

As mentioned above, motion-activated cameras might be the best option for hidden security purposes. Hidden security is meant to go undetected, so why not catch an intruder when they least expect it? 

Motion-activated spy cameras work by capturing footage whenever movement is seen within the video feed. This is beneficial to users that do not want to spend a lot of money on data storage, as footage will only be recorded and saved when someone passes through the field of view. 

Some worry that their cameras will be triggered by any movement like a deer wandering through their yard at night, which is a common downside of motion activation. However, advancements in technology are introducing artificial intelligence methods that can recognize human movement versus that of animals. 

Night Vision Spy Cameras

Want to keep a camera in a low-lit area? Night vision cameras are the way to go. Trusted by military, law enforcement, and surveillance professionals, night vision cameras serve a lot of purposes, whether you’re a homeowner looking to keep an eye on your property at night or a business owner who wants to monitor your store after closing time. 

These are often used for surveillance purposes, so consider whether it fits all or just some of your needs. 

woman holding baby camera

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Nanny Cameras 

Leaving your children alone in the care of someone else can be nerve-wracking. There are concerns about whether your child is safe, whether they’ll watch them closely enough, and whether they’ll eye some of your valuables too closely. 

Nanny cams offer a spectacular line of defense, so parents can easily keep an eye on nannies without drawing any attention to their surveillance tools. Whether in the form of an alarm clock, an iPhone charging bay, or a teddy bear, you can maintain a watchful eye on whatever they do, even while you're away from home. 

Don’t Wait for Security

If you’ve been thinking about installing a hidden spy camera inside of your home, don’t wait any longer. Check out the inventory available at The Home Security Superstore and pick the one that meets your needs. 

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What are the most common types of security cameras? 

The most common types of security cameras, which can be hidden in plain sight, include DVR cameras, outdoor spy cameras, nanny cams, Wi-Fi spy cams, and more.  

How do DVR spy cameras work? 

DVR cameras can be hidden in almost any everyday object while offering users the ability to record up to 10 hours of footage at a time. 

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