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Cheapest Stun Guns-Comparing Five Of The Top Brands

Unless you read it somewhere you wouldn’t know how many different types of stun guns there are. Once you start looking, you will see that there are literally hundreds of different brands from probably as many different manufacturers. In those brands are thousands to choose from in all kinds of price points and power capabilities etc. It can be a little bit intimidating.

We are comparing the cheapest stun guns in the top five brands of stun devices. It is no secret that manufacturers design stun tools for women and for female self-defense. The reason is clear. Women are the victims of violence in 90% of the cases. So they need all the help they can get when it comes to self-defense.

Here we’re taking a look at the cheapest stun guns and comparing five of the top brands. You’ll notice as we compare them that almost all of them have a model in pink for female self-defense and stun devices for women.

1. The Immobilizer brand specializes in stun devices that look like cell phones. One is an awesome 5,000,000 volt model another is in pink at 900,000 volts. They have lifetime warranties and are only 4 inches tall. They both have safety switches to prevent accidental firing. A holster is included to build value.

2. Zap brand stun weapons all have molded rubberized grips for easy and comfortable handling. Most have wrist straps built-in and all have an on/off safety switch to prevent premature discharge. The most famous of the models are the knuckle blaster stun tool that can be worn on your hand and the double trouble stunner with a unique design of double sets of probes on the end.

3. Streetwise Stun Devices offer 20 different models that have lifetime warranties. Many have built-in alarms for double nonlethal self-defense. They feature the most powerful stun weapon in the world at 5,000,000 volts and the smallest at 3.25 inches tall. Most of their stun devices have the famous disable pin wrist strap that essentially prevents the stun gun from being used against you should it be taken from you by the assailant.

4. Guard Dog stun tools are a relatively new entry into the self-defense product field. All the models are rechargeable with a pop-up plug that saves you money and insures that your stun device operates at peak efficiency. There’s even a pink model that appeals to women for female self-defense.

5. And last but not least is Stun Master stunners. They along with Streetwise they are the most highly respected names in stun devices. Their products used for nonlethal self-defense all have a lifetime warranty which is an indication of the level of quality. They offer perhaps the biggest selection of stun devices. The pretender is an example of a camera cell phone that’s one of the most innovative products in recent years. At 4.5 million volts it’s also one of the strongest too.

That is a comparison of five of the leading brands of the cheapest stun guns used for female self-defense.

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