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Gun Safes-Two Great Reasons Why You Need One

If you own a handgun and don’t have a gun safe in your home shame on you. There are two good reasons why you need to have a gun safe. First, if you’re ever burglarized one of the things that burglars look for are small, valuable and pawnable pieces that are easy to carry out of the house. A handgun fits into that category along with jewelry and, of course, cash.

The second reason you need to have a gun safe if you’re a gun owner is the safety of your family.

Recently there was a sad story about a five-year-old girl who was accidentally shot in her own home by a loaded handgun her parents had. 

So if you have a handgun in your house and don’t have a gun safe, I suggest you’re looking for trouble.

Gun safes are easily disguised. The most popular ones look like a set of books. Another looks like a Mantle Clock. They’re both big enough to hold a handgun of any size.

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