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Pet Safety Tips to Keep Your Dogs and Cats Safe at Night

cat and dog play at home

According to a study conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), sixty-seven percent of U.S. households own a pet—a rise from 56 percent reported in 1988. Statistics also show that Americans “own” nearly 90 million dogs and approximately 95 million cats. And, compared to the past, people are starting to treat their pets more and more like members of their family, considering the consistency of their diets, physical activity, and mental health. 

The fact that people are taking better care of their pets is a great sign, and not just for humanitarian reasons. It shows that people truly care about them rather than treating them like a wild animal. Nowadays, people are treating them like the true companions they are, and it’s leading to healthier levels of respect between humans and their pets. 

With this, very few people are now okay with leaving their pets—cats or dogs—outside all day long, refusing to let them into the house. There’s now far more concern for pet safety, all to make sure they’re kept safe from the elements, other people, and wild animals. People will do anything to guarantee they are healthy, safe, and comfortable in life. 

Use illumination gear at night. 

Dogs and cats regularly get killed at night due to passing vehicles. While some of these deaths are caused by inattentive drivers, most of them are caused by animals moving in and out of the road who are not seen until the last minute. 

To protect your pets while on walks at night, you should have them wear some type of illumination gear. Sometimes referred to as pet safety lights, this illuminated gear works to make your pets instantaneously noticeable while out in public. Worn either as a vest, collar, or as part of the leash you’re carrying, this illumination gear greatly heightens pet safety, helping them remain protected and in the sight of every passerby. 

family with golden retriever

Carry a self-defense weapon while out walking.

Along with using illumination gear as an extended form of pet safety, you should consider carrying another type of dog safety equipment on you: dog repellent pepper spray. Whether you’re taking your dog or cat out for a walk, a dog out on a separate walk might feign interest and approach with their owner. Although they might seem nice at first, the dog could be vicious. Rather than running the risk and putting your pet’s safety in the balance, you should carry a canister of dog pepper spray on you to fend off any potential aggressor. 

Install in-home sensors to distinguish pets from strangers.

Is your dog or cat looking to go outside at night? If you’re not comfortable with this, you should train your pet to only go outside when you let them—and you should always let them out to use the bathroom before you go to bed. Certain indoor and outdoor security surveillance systems make it easy to keep an eye on your pets at night. If you have a small pet door that easily allows your animals to transition from inside to outside whenever they like, you can remain safe knowing they were the only ones to trigger the system. However, if the system is triggered by an approaching stranger, you’ll have footage of it to take future precautionary measures. 

happy kid holding cat

Have a fenced-in area to let them out by themselves.

If you want to let your pets out for a bit at night, whether to play or to do their business, it should be in a cordoned-off area where the road is inaccessible. While they’ll enjoy having some time outdoors before spending the night inside, a properly fenced play area will allow them to relieve themselves without fear of oncoming traffic or preying wild animals. 

If you have a “doggy door” that your pet uses to reach the outdoors, consider installing the fenced-in area around this door, heightening overall safety while limiting worry for your pet’s safety. 

Taking Good Care

Proper pet safety is imperative to guarantee your pet has a happy and healthy life. Rather than taking risks, it’s best for you to employ specific tactics, dog safety equipment, and protective devices to keep your pet safe at night. 

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