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Exciting New Self-Defense Products

Exciting New Self-Defense Products

Part of our responsibility as the leader in the online sales of self-defense products is to introduce our customers and readers to new products that are available to them. To that end we are bringing to your attention five new products today.

The first one is this Zap brand Extreme Knuckles Stunner that is different from its predecessor in a few ways. As a stun gun, it is still 950,000 volts, but the electrodes are not flat as in the previous model-they are spiked! Since the stun gun has to be applied to the assailant to work, the spikes enable you to collect DNA evidence. This is one of the most intimidating looking stun devices available as shown here.

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And talk about effective, this Defender Pepper Spray Gun can shoot up to 25 feet away using police grade pepper spray. This six sided heavy-duty Picatinny rail body enables quick and easy mounting of multiple accessories. The pepper spray is the military grade incapacitating Sabre Red® formula which is one of the most powerful in the industry used by law enforcement agencies worldwide. This product comes with a unique inert training canister that allows you to practice before you use the real thing.

This Streetwise brand Defender Collection provides some of the most non-lethal intimidating self-defense weapons available. It combines a law enforcement-grade pepper spray gun with stun gun and flashlight attachment. The flashlight has three modes including a strobe light. The quick release bracket allows the attached flashlight to be used as a removable light. The stun gun uses triple stun technology can be used as a stand-alone stun device with the quick release bracket. This powerful product can protect you in three ways with the pepper spray, strobe light and stun gun.

And last on our list of new products is this Zap brand Hike n Strike that is an absolute must for people who walk in the great outdoors. You know the danger of a dog or other small animal attacks. This new Hike ‘n Strike makes walking safer with an expandable walking cane that has a 950,000 stun gun on the end. It expands from 29 inches when closed to 56 inches when it’s open. It has a rubber coated, no-slip moulded grip and a built in LED flashlight too.

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