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Customer Preferred Driveway Alarms

As part of a home security program, many homeowners prefer to be alerted when people enter their property through the driveway which is why driveway alarms have become so popular. In this article we will take a look at the top three customer preferred driveway alarms so you can distinguish between them and see which one might be best for you.

It takes only seconds and one nine volt and 3 “C” batteries to install the very popular Driveway Patrol Alert. Simply place the weather proof transmitter outside your home up to as far as 400 feet away from the receiver which goes indoors. Once in place, the Driveway Patrol “works by detecting any approaching person or vehicle and sending an alert signal to the receiver inside the home using advanced infrared motion detection technology.” This driveway alarm can be used to detect intruders or visitors alike and can be used by your mailbox, garage, driveway or anywhere on your property that you want to monitor and eliminate the element of surprise. It can also be used by a swimming pool, for example.

The second most popular alarm for driveways is the HomeSafe brand Driveway Alarm that can also be used up to 400 feet from the receiver located inside the house. The wireless, motion activated sensor is water resistant for outdoor use and can sound a driveway alert or door chime depending on the setting. This versatile product allows for multiple sensors to provide security in a larger area. The receiver has a high/low volume setting and can be set to alarm, chime or off. In addition to providing home security, it can be used in an office, apartment, retail store or anyplace you need security. Like the Driveway Patrol it also uses one 9 volt and 3C batteries with no wiring needed. When the alarm is triggered a red LED light flashes.

The third most popular motion activated alarm for driveways is the Dakota Driveway Alert that can send a signal to the receiver up to 600 feet away from the transmitter. This system uses passive infrared technology and can detect cars, people or even large animals. It can be used as a driveway alert, entrance to backyard monitor or even a warehouse alert. Additional transmitters and receivers are available to cover a larger area. The durable, weatherproof transmitter can operate in temperatures from +120 degrees to -30 degrees.

Whichever one of these driveway alarms you choose, you can rest assured your home security will be enhanced.

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