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Customer Choice Personal Alarms-The Top Three Most Popular Models

Personal alarms, a.k.a. panic alarms, are small security devices which are battery-operated that emit a loud siren like sound when activated. They can be used as medical, safety or panic alarms. They are one of the most popular self-defense items for female self-defense and are very inexpensive. They are legal everywhere with no restrictions.

With a keychain attachment they can be with you virtually all the time at home, on the road or while exercising in the great outdoors. They are particularly effective for women for their personal safety and security because they have the ability of scaring an attacker away and drawing attention to a potentially dangerous situation.

In this article we will take a look at the most popular personal alarms we carry. There are subtle differences between them. So take a look and see which one might be best for you.

The first one is a simple 120 dB Panic Alarm with a built-in flashlight and key ring. It has a recessed button that will prevent accidental activation. It is one of the smallest panic alarms at 2.5 inches long and uses a replaceable 12 volt battery to power the device.

The second most popular panic alarm is the combination of a personal alarm and a Door/Window Alarm. The reason this alarm is so popular is because it does two things: acts as a home security device; and a 130 dB personal alarm. Use the door clip that comes with the device and the alarm will sound when a door or window is opened. If the cord that comes with the alarm is pulled, it activates the alarm. It also can be used as an alarm to prevent purse snatching.

Third on our list of the most popular personal alarms is the Mace brand Screecher Alarm that makes a 125 dB sound that can scare off assailants or repel animals. It contains enough aerosol for 20 short blasts. It sounds similar to a boat horn and is a very recognizable call for help.

For female self-defense, panic alarms are especially useful. They are one of the most effective for personal safety. With so many assaults on women happening in parking lots, personal alarms are an effective way to scare away attackers. When are you getting one?

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