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Covert Video Recordings-With Audio Too

Hidden cameras are getting more popular every day as people discover that they are the easiest way to catch someone doing something they shouldn’t be doing. Law enforcement and government officials have been using hidden spy cameras for a long time. They used to be so expensive and so hard to use you needed a PhD to figure out how to hook it up.

But not anymore! Hidden spy cameras are cheaper than ever before and so easy to use that anyone can use one.

You might not know this, but not every hidden spy camera or covert video camera can have audio included. As a matter of fact it is illegal to have a listening device inside a hidden camera unless it is a so-called “body worn” camera.

Some examples of body worn cameras are ball point pens, key fobs, sunglasses, a BIC lighter and many others.

My favorite is the Car Flip Key Spy Camera. It looks just like a car key remote but it is a hidden camera with a DVR and a mini microphone included. It has is 4 GB SD card to record audio and video and can support up to a 16 GB SD card. It can also take still pictures with astonishingly good picture resolution.

Because it is so mobile it can be used anywhere as a nanny camera or any situation that requires covert audio or video. No one will be able to tell they are being recorded.

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