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Covert Spy Cameras Are Better And Cheaper Than Ever

As recently as five years ago hidden security cameras or covert spy cameras, as they are sometimes called, were very expensive and, truth be told, were very difficult to operate. Advances in technology and very stiff competition among manufacturers have led to an increased number of manufacturers that make better and cheaper covert spy cameras than ever before.

The latest version of covert spy cameras has a DVR included in many of them. And yet these cameras that eliminate the need for an external DVR are cheaper than a regular spy camera a few years ago. It is like getting the DVR capability for free.

Covert spy cameras are everyday items that you’re used to seeing around the home or office with a board camera inside. It is impossible to tell that you are being recorded. The new versions with a DVR built-in use an SD card to record up to 144 hours in many instances.

Some examples of the new DVR cameras are wall clocks, alarm clocks, radios, and one of the newest one is the Coke Spy Camera With DVR.

It looks just like a coke can but is a hidden spy camera with built in DVR-how cool is that?

Check out all our Covert Spy Cameras.

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