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College Campus Safety-Keep Your Daughter Safe On And Off Campus

It’s getting to be that time year again when a new crop of college freshmen goes off to school. Mom and dad are worried about their daughter’s safety at school. College campus safety is presented by college officials to be a non-issue. Time and time again that is proven to be not the case. Campus officials will tell you that the crime rate on campus and around campus is not a big deal. That just isn’t the case.

If that were the case, they wouldn’t have big campus safety offices. The fact is, college safety and campus safety is a big deal. And here’s why.

College campuses are usually idyllic scenes of peace and tranquility. Not far beneath the surface is a much more dangerous place. College campuses because by definition are filled with young, adventurous, attractive and “rich” kids. They act as magnets for the local bad guys who prey on unsuspecting coeds in nearby campus hangouts.

On campus it isn’t all that much better.

There was an incident not long ago at a very upper income private school in a relatively good part of town where college coeds were attacked for close to a three-week period. The women were assaulted on and near campus even close to their dorms. The campus was well lit and they have a security force but the perpetrator was able to get away with his assaults for close to three weeks striking fear into the hearts of all who went to school there.

To my old-fashioned way of thinking, if you take young, attractive, coeds and mix it with 18 to 21-year-old males, whose hormones are already on overdrive, and throw in some alcohol and drugs for good measure you have a surefire recipe for trouble.

I remember several years ago when I was working at a college campus in a southern Colorado University, there was actually a rape in the dorm. University officials did everything they could to keep it quiet but you know how the rumor mill works. There wasn’t even a story about it in the local newspaper.

University officials just don’t want you to know how potentially dangerous college campuses are.

So what can college coeds and parents do about it. I recommend a basic self-defense course as a foundation for a self defense strategy. You can get one almost anywhere like the Y or like the local police department, maybe even on campus. But don’t stop there. Arm your daughter with some self defense products. A Fox Lab Mean Green Spray is an easy way to start and they are very effective and very inexpensive.

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