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Cheapest Spy Cameras-Two Of The Best

Spy cameras come in all shapes and sizes. They are commonly disguised as items that you see on a day-to-day basis. That is what makes them so effective-nobody suspects that they are being recorded. All spy cameras have a board camera built into them. Some of the newer models have a DVR to make recording a snap.

Handheld spy cameras are in a unique category that is allowed to have audio as well because they are considered to be “body worn cameras.”

Along with a great range of choices in shapes and sizes comes the choice of price. Price should not be your main consideration in choosing anything but especially a spy camera. You’re buying it for a specific reason and if it doesn’t do a good job, saving a few bucks isn’t really that important. Is it?

Fact of the matter is you can get a good spy camera starting at less than $35.00. Their capabilities are limited, as you can well imagine both for simple recordings of video and audio $35 will get you started.

Of course if you want higher quality and more capability you can spend as much is $400 on a hidden spy camera. Here are two of the cheapest spy cameras you can get.

The Car Key Spy Camera at $34.95

and the Pen Spy Camera at $39.95 both offer audio and video recording capability.

Check out our other Hand Held Spy Cameras.

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