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Child Guard Alarm-Keeping Our Kids Safe

Good morning everybody and happy Fourth of July,

I love this holiday for several reasons but the biggest is it gives us a great opportunity to celebrate the birth of our country. The freedoms we have are often taken for granted. So today take a few minutes before you head off for fun, food and friviality and think about how lucky we all are.

Summer is officially on. The Fourth of July celebrations got me to thinking about how vacations used to play a big role in my youth. We often would go to amusement parks, the beach, the mountains-anywhere to get away. Even if it was just for a day.

Families still do that even with skyhigh gas prices. But when they do they should think about the safety of their children, especially younger ones. They have an natural tendency to be curious and to wander. A child that is temporarily “missing” in an amusement park, in a grocery store, at the beach or anywhere can age of parent faster than anything I now.

That’s why you should take a serious look at getting the Child Guard Alarm

The child guard alarm is worn by your child either on the wrist or attached to clothes. If the child should wander away, the adult who’s carrying the receiver is alerted. The settings can be adjusted from six to as many as 30 feet.

In this day and age when child abductions are much more common the child guard alarm is one way to keep an eye on your kids even when they wander off. Play it safe with the child guard alarm.

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