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Car Burglaries And Vandalism-Safety Tip Of the Week

A few weeks ago in our local community, a woman was standing a few feet away from her car when it was stolen. She was talking to a friend of hers two cars over in a parking lot at a convenience store. She was distracted for just a few seconds when her car was stolen literally right from underneath her eyes. So we thought we would give you some car burglary and vandalism tips.

Always lock your car even when you’re away for a short time.

If available park your car in a locked garage or a well lit areas.

Keep your windows rolled up. And don’t park in dangerous neighborhoods.

40% of break-ins happen because keys or valuables catch the thieves’ eye. So remove valuables from your car.

Never leave the keys in your car and never keep an unattended firearm in your car.

If you have a GPS or other easily removable item like stereo or CD player remove it and put it in your trunk before you lock your car.

If you have a sticker that says your security system is hooked up to your vehicle that helps even if you don’t have an actual security system-just the sticker helps.

Keep a list of what’s in your car.

If you catch someone in the act stealing a car called 911 do not confront the person.

Car break-ins can lead to more serious crimes like home invasions and identity theft.

Remove your garage door opener and car registration from your vehicle.

Follow these tips and you are less likely to have car vandalism or someone steal your car.

These tips are courtesy of the Neighborhood Watch program which puts out a monthly newsletter.

Feedback on these posts is welcomed. Have you ever had your car vandalized or stolen? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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