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Best Window/Door Alarms-Our Most Popular Two

Window or door alarms are two effective home burglar alarms you can get. Here are two of our best alarms. The first is the slide away alarm that is activated if a door or window is disturbed. It uses magnetic affinity to initiate the alarm. The base of the alarm is bolted to a door or window frame and the actuator is connected to the window or door. Once that contact is broken the Slide Away Alarm is triggered-a 110 dB alarm siren.

The second most popular is the super doorstop alarm. It is a wedge-shape that blocks the door entry. It has an anti-slide pad so it will not slip on the floor. When someone tries to force their way in a movement sensor on the top of the wedge activates a 125 dB alarm. The Super Doorstop Alarm is perfect for home, office, motel rooms while you’re on the road and dorm rooms. It weighs only 5 ounces and travels nicely.

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