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Automobile Security – Do You Need A Vehicle Car Camera?

We can think of three good reasons why you need a camera for your car. In this article, we will discuss all of them and give you some suggestions on how to deal with these problems.

Automobile security and automobile safety are two of the reasons. If you have ever been in an accident you know that it often ends up being a “he said she said” situation with the police officer making his report and then you go to battle with the insurance companies.

If you have a camera in your car you can provide irrefutable proof to a law enforcement officer of what happened, often on the spot. This can not only save you time and money but the aggravation of having to deal with an adversarial insurance company.

Automobile theft is a big problem in almost every city in the country. Most car cameras have GPS systems in them which means no matter where your car is it can be located in minutes.

Carjacking is another problem that seems to be growing every day. It is the forceful taking of your car with you and any passengers in it, to be discarded later. Again, most car cameras have GPS systems so your car can be located quickly.

Road rage often leads to accidents and can be documented easily with a car camera.

Here are two suggestions on ways to solve these problems.

The first is a camera that can record inside and outside the vehicle. It easily mounts on the windshield and plugs directly into a cigarette lighter for continuous power. It has interior audio recording too. The camera produces excellent resolution and can record the previous 30 seconds leading up to the impact of an accident using a G shock sensor. The camera has four LEDs for low-light interior video recording. The unit has a built-in speaker with a voice guide. The GPS logger simultaneously can record location, speed, and direction of the vehicle for viewing on a PC. Video is recorded to a 2 GB SD card that’s included with the unit, but it will handle up to a 32 GB card.

The second one is a night vision security camera that produces high-resolution video and has 140? wide-angle lens. It also mounts on the windshield and can plug into a cigarette lighter for continuous power or recharge the lithium-ion battery on a PC.

Those are the biggest problems with automobile safety and automobile security along with some suggestions on how to cope with them to make your life easier.

The Night Security Camera records in high-resolution color.

The Inside/Outsider Recorder with GPS records the previous 30 seconds leading up to an accident.

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