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Assaults On Women-Where They Happen Most

Assaults On Women-Where They Happen Most

One of the most important points we wanted to make in our story about Women’s Safety And Security was that women are the targets of assaults, according to the Department of Justice eight times more often than men.

We then listed the most common places for assaults statistically which included: the home with domestic violence; parking lots; and college campuses.

You may be saying to yourself now that just doesn’t sound right. And that would probably be a normal reaction but let me assure you that those places are hotbeds of assaults on women.

In our article today we will provide you with anecdotal evidence of assaults on women.

The first story today comes from Houston, Texas where according to the Houston Police Department, a man was charged with aggravated sexual assault, robbery with bodily injury and a felon in possession of a weapon. The man was arrested in a string of sexual assaults and robberies of women dating back to April in apartment complexes in suburbs of Houston. According to police, the man is suspected in at least 10 attacks on women from April 1 through June 1. In just about every one of the incidents the man approached women in a parking lot of an apartment complex then at gunpoint sexually assaulted and stole her personal belongings.

In Las Vegas, Nevada a man was arrested and faces 10 counts of sexual assault, three counts of kidnapping and one count of battery after police say he raped three women at gunpoint in a four-day span. The perpetrator offered to give the women a ride then forced them into the backseat of a car ordering them to undress. He then sexually assaulted the women in the car.

In an incident in the Detroit, Michigan suburb of Allen Park a man committed sexual assault after he climbed through an unlocked window at 3 AM. He threatened to kill her with a weapon if she struggled or called police. He took money from her purse before he left the home.

In Sydney, Australia recently a Teenager Assaults A Woman on her way to work. The victim was walking near the overpass stairwell along a street when she was grabbed from behind by the teenager who threatened her and then sexually assaulted her. She did call out for help but no one heard her. She was able to provide police with a pretty good description.

In another story from Detroit, Michigan police are looking for suspects in two Assaults On The West Side. According to police, a man and woman in their early 20s were walking on a street near the west side of Detroit when they were confronted by six men. Police say the couple was dragged around to the back of the building, stripped of their clothes, robbed and then the woman was sexually assaulted. Shortly thereafter two men struck again pulling the same tactic; the Police are still looking for them.

When we read stories like this we always wonder how many of them could have been avoided if people were carrying nonlethal self-defense weapons such as pepper sprays which have been proven to be extremely effective against disabling an assailant.

We carry 190 Defensive Sprays in 10 categories to fit all self-defense needs. When are you getting one? Your can also check out stun guns options for women.  There are several other stun guns available for women, including stun batons, stun pens and even lipstick stun guns! 

Assaults on women are so common that we know many of our readers have to be victims. We would appreciate you sharing your stories with us in the hopes that other women might avoid a similar situation. Don’t be bashful; chime in with your story!

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