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7 Tips for Preventing Package Theft

7 Tips for Preventing Package Theft

You’ve been eagerly awaiting your Amazon shipment and the email finally arrives: The packages have been delivered. One problem. By the time you get off work and drive home, your front porch is woefully empty. A thief has intercepted your stuff. No one wants to be the victim of a package caper and you don’t have to be. Thanks to the myriad of security cameras and tech-savvy alarms, you can be two steps ahead of any package thief. Here are some ways to thwart mail theft: 

1. Install a Doorbell Camera

Doorbell cameras capture video of who is at your door and stream it to any smartphone or tablet. If a potential thief rings to see if someone is around, you’ll have a video of their face – and the presence of a doorbell cam may be enough to give them second thoughts. They’ll start thinking about what other cameras you have installed.  

2. Set Up Security Cameras 

A home surveillance system is likely to send package thieves in the other direction. What they initially thought would be an easy grab and run becomes a potential brush with the law. Make sure your security cameras are visible yet out of reach to be tampered with. A driveway alarm serves as a motion-activated security camera to alert you when someone enters. your property; if you install a camera with a speaker you can talk to the person approaching using your smartphone. 

3. Use a Mailbox Alarm

For smaller packages delivered right to your mailbox instead of your porch, consider a mailbox alarm. You’ll get a notification when the box is opened and closed so you can retrieve packages before someone has a chance to steal them. If you’re not home, consider calling a trusted neighbor to hold the package until you arrive. 

4. Get a Locked Mailbox

Locked mailboxes with anti-tamper mechanism will give you additional peace of mind. Your mail carrier will leave your goods securely in a locked mailbox or security safe, and they will be out of harm’s way until you’re able to retrieve them.

5. Put Up Security Signs

Whether you have a wireless hidden camera or not – put up some security signs to deter would-be burglars. Yard signs and window stickers that announce your home is under surveillance will give a package thief pause. For the small cost of a security company sticker, you can stop being an easy target.

6. Make Use of Fake Cameras

Fake cameras offer the same deterrent as a real camera for a fraction of the price. Mount realistic cameras around the exterior of your home to make potential thieves believe that they’re being watched. Anything you can do to create doubt in the mind of someone with thoughts of stealing your stuff is an act of resistance. 

7. Buy Flood Lights 

Many thieves like to work at or after dusk when the absence of the sun provides them some cover to work in secret. Outdoor security lights ruin their plans. Install some motion sensor lights that will alert you and neighbors to movement on your property and rob your intruders of the opportunity to steal from you in the dark. 

Don’t give thieves the chance to steal your mail and potentially your identity! Take back the security of your home and your delivered packages by taking advantage of these tools for avoiding theft. 

Have more questions about how to ward off package thieves? Call The Home Security Superstore today to ask us all of your questions about which doorbell camera with wireless, locked mailboxes or alarms might be right for your property.

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