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7 Devices Every Airbnb Host Should Put in Their Home

7 Devices Every Airbnb Host Should Put in Their Home

Renting out your home while you’re on vacation is a smart way to pay for your own trip. Becoming an Airbnb host as an investment real estate owner can also yield a better return than renting to a traditional tenant. But how should you prepare your property for frequent guest turnover? Here are seven devices to add to your Airbnb property to keep everyone safe and allow you to monitor activity. 

1. Smoke Detectors

When was the last time you checked the smoke detector at your Airbnb property? A fully functional smoke detector on every floor of the home will help renters identify a fire sooner. You should also provide fire extinguishers. 

2. Keyless Locks

If you don’t feel comfortable having renters leave their keys under the mat or in a fake rock, you’re in luck. Keyless locks allow your guests to get in without having to worry about where to hide your keys. You can also change the combination periodically for safety. 

3. Motion Sensor Alarms

When your Airbnb is unoccupied, you can keep eyes on it with a motion sensor alarm that sends you a remote alert when activity is detected. An alarm can scare away would-be burglars and let you know when guests arrive to check in. 

4. Motion-Activated Cameras

A motion-activated camera makes a natural complement to motion sensor alarms. While you will want to give your guests privacy during their stay, cameras on all entry points will allow you to monitor the number of guests entering the Airbnb. Motion cameras can also alert you to suspicious activity while the unit is supposed to be empty. 

5. Doorbell Cameras

Some Airbnb hosts only rent out a room in their home or they like to be there when guests arrive to check in for their stay. If this describes you, doorbell cameras are a necessary accessory to your property. A doorbell camera gives you a 180-degree view of who is on the other side of your door. You can usually see the footage from a smartphone or tablet and use the speaker to communicate with the person on your doormat. 

6. Anti-Pick Deadbolts

Keep your Airbnb guests feeling safer with anti-lock picking protection on your property’s deadbolts. When this clear latch is placed over a deadbolt on your front or back door, the lock can’t be jimmied even if the potential intruder is using a key. If you plan to leave your Airbnb property empty for weeks at a time, this could also be useful protection on doors that you consider vulnerable. 

7. Glass Break Alarms

Even with the best locks and security systems, your windows could leave your property susceptible to intrusion. With a glass break alarm, you will be alerted if a window is shattered. This not only lets you call the authorities to check on your empty Airbnb, but it will notify you if the current guests are getting too rowdy and break a window. 

Being an Airbnb host requires a healthy balance of offering privacy while continuing to monitor your property. Between hidden outdoor security cameras and motion sensor alarms, you can keep eyes on your property even from afar. Your guests will feel safer during their stay and you can rest assured that you’ll know if they are bringing in too many guests or causing damage. 

Still, have questions about how to make your Airbnb more secure as a host? Contact The Home Security Store today and let us help you curate the perfect array of tools for home security. 

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