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6 Reasons To Make An Expandable Baton Part Of Your Self-Defense Plan

6 Reasons To Make An Expandable Baton Part Of Your Self-Defense Plan

Batons are fantastic tools for self-defense purposes. They can deliver a powerful sting to an attacker and show that you mean business. Expandable batons are compact when not deployed, yet they can become a two-foot-long weapon in just seconds. They are legal for use as a self-defense weapon in every U.S. state, with the exception of California. And even better, they’re affordable. Here are six reasons an expandable baton is one of the best self-defense weapons to add to your toolbox:

1. Non-Lethal Force

A self-defense baton allows you to protect yourself from an attacker without delivering lethal force. If you’re not comfortable with carrying a weapon that is likely to result in death, a baton can give you just the amount of force you’re looking for. 

2. Create Physical Distance

An expandable baton can be used from a distance (many expand as long as 31 inches.) Not only does this mean that you don’t have to be up close and personal to use the weapon as you do with a stun gun or with pepper spray, but you can create distance between you and an attacker by expanding the baton and pointing it outward from your body. 

3. Easy to Carry and Conceal

When locked in the closed position, a self-defense baton can tuck into a bag or glove box quite easily. You can even keep one strategically placed in your home for use in the event of a break-in; an expandable baton will fit in a side table drawer or behind a planter. Unlike regular batons, which can be clunky to carry, expandable batons are self-defense tools that can go with you almost anywhere (provided they’re legal at your destination). Some expandable batons are even designed to attach to your keychain. 

4. No Ammunition Required

Another benefit of batons is that you don’t need ammunition or other accessories to use them. Most expanding batons come with a holster, but beyond that, you don’t need to worry about buying the right kind of ammo or even batteries. Your expandable baton is ready for use the day you buy it without any additional costs. 

5. Powerful Potential

Expandable batons deliver a powerful sting to your attacker. Some batons have an LED stun on the end, making them even more likely to temporarily disable the person you want to incapacitate. While expandable batons are fairly lightweight (many weigh only 9 oz.) they can inflict up to 30 pounds of pressure when wielded. For their small size and portability, expandable batons manage to remain an intimidating and powerful tool. 

6. Little Training Required

While you should certainly get comfortable with a baton before you try to use it for self-defense, you don’t need the kind of intense training you would require if you were using a firearm or a stun gun. Just learn a few common effective moves, and you’re ready to start carrying your baton for protection. In addition to knowing how to deliver strikes with your baton, practice expanding your baton and locking it into place and learn how to use it to block incoming blows. 

Still, have questions about expandable batons for self-defense? The Home Security Superstore has lots of answers. Whether you’re looking for a standard baton for sale or you want a top-of-the-line expandable baton with stun power and an easy grip, we have a product that will meet your needs and fit into your budget. Contact us today about your baton needs, or buy one online and it will be at your doorstep in no time!

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