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101 Ways to Defend Yourself

101 Ways to Defend Yourself

It’s a dangerous world out there.

Whether you’re a single woman, a new parent, or just moved into your first home there are dozens of dangers lurking around every corner just waiting to turn your life upside down. Defending yourself isn’t just about brute strength, it’s about knowing your risks and staying aware.

1. Get an Alarm: The easiest way to protect your home? Just set a home alarm and forget it.

2. Use Pepper Spray: It can be a life-saver (literally) if you live ever walk home late at night.

3. Talk About Fire: Fire’s a big issue. Talk to your family about a fire awareness plan and make sure your smoke detectors are working.

4. Use CO2 Detectors: On that note, be sure your carbon monoxide detectors are working, too.

5. Lock Your Doors: Statistics show most home invasions happen through unlocked doors and windows.

6. Let Your Hair Down: Women with ponytails are more likely to be attacked – assailants say they like the convenience the ponytail provides for pulling.

7. Get a Roommate: Living alone makes you vulnerable.

8. Take a Self-Defense Class: Learn a few key moves that might get you out of a dangerous situation.

9. Don’t Walk Alone: Always use the buddy system when walking to and from a parking lot.

10. Buy a Taser: They’re legal in most states and highly, highly effective.

11. Use Hand-Sanitizer: Staying healthy means you’re ready for anything. Defend yourself against germs, too!

12. Meet Your Neighbors: Neighbors are your first line of defense against burglary. Meet them!

13. Vacation Quietly: Don’t broadcast that you’ll be out of town to the whole neighborhood or all your Facebook friends.

14. Wear Comfy Shoes: You can’t run in heels. Be prepared for a quick getaway, always.

15. Yell “Stop!”: Sometimes all you need to do to stop an attack mid-way is to yell right at the attacker!

16. Buy a Keychain Weapon: They’re small and portable and come in all kinds of cool colors, too.

17. Install a Hidden Camera: Think your maid might be stealing from you? If it’s allowed in your state, set up a home video camera to record what’s going on.

18. Get an Outdoor Camera: Cameras don’t have to be hidden! Install a garage or porch camera to record people coming and going from your home.

19. Teach Stranger Safety: Your kids should know the rules regarding strangers and visitors to your home.

20. Start Prepping: Get a prepper preparedness kit to ensure you’re ready for the apocalypse to hit whether it’s zombies or nuclear.

21. Upgrade Your Helmet: If you’re a bike rider you should make sure your safety gear’s up to snuff starting with your helmet.

22. Check for Bugs: No, not the 6-legged kind. Buy an inexpensive bug scanner to make sure your lines aren’t tapped if you suspect someone’s spying on you.

23. Get Mirrored Glasses: A cheap pair of mirror-view sunglasses can help you determine whether those footprints behind you are nefarious or not.

24. Buy a Safe: A safe in your home is more convenient than a safe deposit box at the bank.

25. Get a Credit Check: You should be checking your credit at least twice a year to ensure no one has stolen your identity.

26. Hire a Bodyguard: Well, if you’ve got the disposable income, anyway!

27. Put Up Stickers: You can buy fake home security system stickers online and put them on your windows. Beware, though, some criminals are onto the fake brand names!

28. Install Lights: Motion-detecting floodlights are a good way to keep your property safe from intruders at night.

29. Motion Sensor Installation: Likewise, you don’t have to have a security system to install motion alarms in or around your home.

30. Be More Private: Don’t post your whereabouts on social media. You could prevent a home robbery or maybe even thwart a stalker!

31. Get Off the Phone: Most attackers say they look for victims who are distracted. Put the phone away until you get to the car.

32. Adopt a Dog: Misaligned dogs like pit bulls make loving companions and great guard dogs. A loud bark will do it!

33. Monitor the Elderly: Install a hidden camera or voice-recorder in your loved one’s nursing home room to ensure they’re getting good care.

34. Get a Test: Defending yourself from STDs is always smart. Buy an at-home sex test to check and make sure your significant other isn’t cheating.

35. Invest in Test Strips: Out to bars a lot? Get some “roofie” test strips to make sure your drink hasn’t been unknowingly compromised.

40. Ward Off Animals: Sonar alarms are a good thing to keep around if you live in a wildlife-prone area – they’ll deter everything from bears to mountain lions.

41. Get a Baton: Self defense batons aren’t just for the police! They’re safe to have in the home and most retract so you can carry them with you, too.

42. Install a Blocker: Think your wi-fi network might be getting hacked? Avoid going on sensitive websites and install a signal blocker to ward off intruders.

43. Stay Still: If you do get attacked, never go to the second location. If they’re going to hurt you, make them do it right where you are!

44. Use People Search: If you’re into online dating, get a subscription to a site like Spokeo to check the backgrounds and information of the people you’re meeting online.

45. Meet in Public: On that note, never meet a stranger for the first time at your home. Suggest a neutral, public location instead and make sure you’re not followed home.

46. Get a Bird: Birds are really, really loud!

47. Ditch the Keys: Don’t assume your car keys are good weapons…use your feet instead.

48. Monitor Your Kids: Many home alarms come with optional video screen you can access remotely so you can check to see when your kids get home even if you’re at work.

49. Research Stun Guns: They’re a worthwhile investment if you live alone and they’re legal in your state

50. Hook Up a Tracker: Think you’re being duped? Install a GPS tracker on someone’s phone or car to keep from getting had.

51. Watch Your Employees: Install a keypad at your office that records the time and individual employee code when someone comes or leaves to keep track of your employees.

52. Get Insurance: Defending yourself also means being prepared for whatever comes your way.

53. Use a Bat: Baseball bats are the classic self-defense accessory and they do double duty!

54. Test Your Kids: Think your children are doing drugs? Make them take a home drug test to defend yourself against the devastating effects of addiction.

55. Buy a Gun: It’s not for everyone, but you may want to consider a firearm as long as you’re willing to go through the proper safety training.

56. Buy a Fake Gun: Often a water gun or BB gun will scare an attacker away if you’re in a compromising situation.

57. Use a Metal Detector: People coming and going from your house or business? Be sure they aren’t packing.

58. Carry a Tactical Pen: They look like writing utensils but they can incapacitate an attacker quickly.

59. Use a Kubotan: Never heard of it? It’s a paralyzing agent stored in a keychain-sized stick that can help keep you safe.

60. Get a Spy Camera: Spy cameras can be hidden in everything from hats to smartphone cases.

61. Install a Nanny Cam: If you’re leaving your kids with a stranger all day you should know how they’re behaving.

62. Learn to Swim: Don’t let water catch you unawares.

63. Have Handcuffs: Why not keep handcuffs in your home or office in case you need to subdue an intruder?

64. Buy a Gun Safe: If you’ve got a gun you need to keep it secure to stay safe until you need it.

65. Get a Mail Alarm: Mailbox alarms will let you know when it’s time to get your mail so identity thieves don’t have a chance to steal it.

66. Record Someone: Going through a divorce or court case? Ask your lawyer if it’s legal to voice record phone conversations you’re having.

67. Flood Alarms: Defend yourself against mother nature with a flood alarm in your basement.

68. Protect the Pool: Got a pool? A pool alarm is crucial for your children’s safety.

69. Panic Button: Personal panic buttons are a good idea, especially if you don’t want to spring for a full home security alarm.

70. Buy a Window-Breaker: For your car, that is. It could save your life if your car’s underwater.

71. Keep a Roadside Kit: It’s also smart to keep a roadside preparedness kit in your trunk, complete with flares, road cones, and provisions.

72. 911 Buttons: If you’ve got an elderly relative they should be wearing a 911 button they can push if they fall at all times.

73. Upgrade Your Locks: A common crowbar can break many door locks that aren’t deadbolts.

74. Install Bars: If you’re worried about your windows, install decorative wrought iron security bars.

75. Get Glass Break Detectors: Better yet, install glass-break detectors in all your windows that link back up to your home alarm.

76. Wear Sunscreen: Defending yourself from the sun is important!

77. Monitor the Car: Got a teen driver? Hide a driving recorder in the car to find out how fast they’re really driving.

78. Use Ladders: Every room on your second floor should have a ladder in it in case of fire or another disaster.

79. Start a Neighborhood Watch: Got a problem with prowlers? Be part of the solution!

80. Have First Aid: Buy a mini first aid kit and keep it on your person. You never know when some gauze or aspirin could save your life!

81. Tote a Swiss Army Knife: Along those same lines, you never know when you’ll need a knife, corkscrew, or another tiny useful accessory.

82. Get in Shape: The less in shape you are the harder it’ll be to defend yourself if the need arises.

83. Monitor the Tub: Got a tub? You need a water level alert to ensure you don’t accidentally flood the whole house.

84. Hide a Key: Don’t get left out in the cold by locking yourself out. Get a key hider for your yard.

85. Talk to the Police: It’s never a bad idea to stop a patrol car in your neighborhood and find out what’s been going on lately and what you should look out for.

86. Lock Your Car Doors: While driving, always keep your car doors locked to decrease the risk of carjacking.

87. Use a Door Jammer: A low-tech way to keep your doors closed is to use door jammers while you sleep.

88. Double-Lock Your Bike: Sometimes a simple bike lock isn’t the best choice – a double lock works better.

89. Locate Your Flashlight: Having a powerful, long-lasting flashlight handy is always smart.

90. Wear a Mask: Worried about infection? Wear a facial mask to keep germs at bay.

91. Keep on Gloves: And if you don’t care about appearances, rubber gloves are a handy way to stay clean if you deal with the public all day.

92. Randomize Your Schedule: Having a routine that’s easy to track makes you a vulnerable target for assailants.

93. Use Paypal: Or other online payment services if you’re worried about your credit card info being stolen.

94. Build a Panic Room: If you can afford it!

95. Teach Your Kids 911: They should know how to call for help if you get incapacitated.

96. Take Karate: You don’t have to train in “self-defense” to have a better handle on how to defend yourself.

97. Get a Fake Wallet: If you’re worried about your wallet being stolen, a decoy in your bag might save you some trouble.

98. Know the Drill: Know what to do if the weather turns bad, from a tornado to a hurricane and run drills with your family.

99. Aim for the Weak Spot: Whether it’s a shin, a knee, or the groin, knowing an assailant’s weak spot might save your life.

100. Don’t Look Weak: Avoid bright clothing or anything else that might make you stand out to an attacker.

101. Build a Moat: Kidding! But how cool would that be?

Protecting yourself and your family from a variety of threats means being prepared, staying on top of your area’s risks, and generally being aware.

Are you ready to defend yourself?


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