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  • Backpack contains a made in USA bulletproof insert
  • Sturdy level 3A bulletproof rating from the independent NIJ lab
  • Capable of stopping .357, .44 magnum, 9mm handguns, and even .45 bullets
  • One of the highest levels of protection available for a lightweight and soft armor
  • Balistic plate is removable/replacable; located in a rear zippered pocket
  • Made of water-resistant 1000 denier nylon
  • Features two front pockets
  • Top pocket
  • Large zippered pocket and open pocket
  • The main compartment has measurements of 12.5”w x 18”h x 6.5”d
  • Contains a laptop compartment that has Velcro closure and fits most 15” laptops
  • 12.5”w x 18”h x 8”d total size
  • Only weighs 4.1 lbs.

This Streetwise™ Pro-Tec Bulletproof Backpack offers protection from a wide variety of handgun calibers, from .357, .44 magnum, 9mm handguns, to even .45 caliber bullets. Independently tested by the NIJ (National Institute of Justice) to be protection Level IIIA, making it one of the strongest bullet-resistant backpacks on the market. The backpack, which can hold most 15" laptops and other electronic devices, is also water-resistant as well as lightweight and comfortable. It has a total size of 12.5”w x 18”h x 8”d with a 12.5”w x 18”h x 6.5”d main compartment so all space is utilized just like a normal backpack making this product as efficient as possible. 

  • Streetwise Pro-Tec Bulletproof Backpack

The Ballistic Protection Levels are as follows:

Level 1: (High) Protects from 9 mm, .38 cal, .380 cal or .22 cal bullets. This is a good entry level for if you're concerned about safety and want a baseline of protection, however level 1 will not stop higher caliber rounds so if those are a concern for you this might not be what you need.

Level 2A: (Higher) Protects from 9 mm, .38 cal, .380 cal or .22 cal bullets but offers up a little extra protection against .40 S&W rounds. Still, a low-level protection but is passable for whatever needs you have if you're not very concerned.

Level 2: (Higher) Protects from 9 mm, .38 cal, .380 cal or .22 cal bullets, .40 S&W and with the additional power to stop a .357 magnum round. This is where things start to go from casual protection to serious stopping power.

Level 3A: (Highest) Protects from 9 mm, .38 cal, .380 cal or .22 cal bullets, .40 S&W, .357 magnum, and the high powered .44 magnum used famously in the movie Dirty Harry. High-level protection from most handguns.

Level 3: (Highest) Protects from 9 mm, .38 cal, .380 cal or .22 cal bullets, .40 S&W, .357 magnum, .44 magnum, .223 hollow point, 7.62 NATO and lastly 5.56 JHP. This is real protection, 5.56 and .223 are the most common rounds for the AR platform rifles with the 7.62 NATO being the most common round for the AK-47.