SABRE® 115dB Personal Panic Alarm with LED Flashlight

Simply pull the chain from the fob to release a deafening 115 dB siren!

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Item No: ${currentVariant.sku} Brand: sabre®
  • Compact mini keychain alarm
  • Activate alarm by separating fob from keychain
  • No alarm push button eliminates accidental false alarms
  • Loud 115dB siren calls for help and scares off attackers
  • Built-in button activated bright LED flashlight prevents fumbling for locks in the dark
  • Attaches to backpacks, purses, keys, and more
  • Can fit easily in a pocket
  • 90 Day Warranty

This keychain from Sabre® is ideal for anyone concerned with personal security and portability. Simply pull the fob off the keychain for a piercing 115dB alarm that can scare would-be attackers away and call for help. Most panic alarms have a push button to activate the alarm sound. Unfortunately, this can lead to the alarm sounding when it is not intended. By utilizing a pull chain for alarm activation, you eliminate accidental false alarms being sounded. It attaches to any bag, can fit in a pocket, and is lightweight and discreet yet still incredibly powerful. The integrated bright LED light adds additional security and prevents fumbling to find a lock in the dark.

  • Four (4) LR44 batteries
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