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Functional Black & Silver Pen Audio Recorder


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Record crisp clear audio in secret even while writing!

Item No: PrmaMQ78N Brand:
  • Working black and silver ballpoint pen with hidden audio recorder
  • Writes like any normal pen
  • Slimmer, sleeker design
  • No indicator lights to give away your secret
  • Records for up to 20 hours even while you are writing
  • Memory capacity of up to 71 hours of audio
  • Automatic sensitivity control for clear near/far recording
  • Numerous file search modes
  • Automatic file search feature can play first few seconds of audio until file is found
  • Transfer audio files to a PC via USB cable
  • Plug-in remote control for managing recorded audio files
  • No need for external SD card as recorded files store to the 1GB internal memory
  • Compatible with most computers requiring no added software
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Quick battery charge via USB connection cord
  • Recording Capacity: 17 hours of XHQ, 35 hours of HQ, 71 hours of LP
  • Storage: 1GB internal memory
  • Battery Life: 20 hours if recording, 15 hours if playing back

Suitable for journalists and private investigators, this ballpoint pen allows for covert audio recording with no indicator lights. It also serves well for students and business people who wish to record seminars and lectures to review again later. Besides its covert features, the pen writes like any other one for added utility. The pen can record for up to 20 hours even as you are writing and stores up to 71 hours of audio to the 1GB internal memory. Looking for recorded files are simple. The software offers numerous search options along with an automatic file introduction feature. This feature enables the playing of the first few seconds of audio until the right file is found, saving you arduous hours of file search. Also offered is an automatic sensitivity control that facilitates clear audio recording whether the subject is near or far from you. Audio files can be transferred to a PC using the USB cable, which also charges the built-in battery. A plug-in remote control helps manage recorded files. This updated version of the audio recorder pen is compatible with almost all computers including Mac. There is no need for any special software, making it convenient for most users. Clip the pen to a pocket or record with it while writing by simply sliding the pen up or down to start or stop respectively. It’s as easy as that!

  • Black and Silver Recorder Pen 1GB
  • Plug-in After Recording Controller
  • USB Cable
  • Earphone Set
  • Instruction Booklet