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  • Secondary image - SpyWfi™ Eyeglasses Hidden Rechargeable Spy Camera 1080p DVR SpyWfi™ Eyeglasses Hidden Rechargeable Spy Camera 1080p DVR - Covert Spy Cameras

    SpyWfi™ Eyeglasses Hidden Rechargeable Spy Camera 1080p DVR

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    Great for spying and gathering evidence without raising suspicion!

About Wearable Spy Cameras

Want to record an important meeting, or even a public event, without holding up a camera? The Home Security Superstore has lots of covert camera options, including quite a few that can be worn on your body. People will never suspect that your new necklace or silver watch actually contains a pinhole camera. 

Wearable spy cameras are smart, convenient, and serve a number of purposes. You might want to get a hidden camera for a child to wear that streams back to your phone – so you can see their surroundings if you get separated at the state fair. A hidden body camera can also be used to record hours of footage at a concert without getting busted for capturing video. Just be sure not to broadcast or publish the footage, at that would likely be illegal. And if you plan to use a wearable spy camera to record private conversations, always check state laws to see if you need permission from all parties, especially if you plan to use the recording in a legal proceeding. 

Best Features of Discreet Wearable Camera

Our hidden body cameras are popular for lots of reasons. They’re affordable, easy to use, and they last for years. Plus, they operate on long-lasting batteries. Our customers love the size and versatility of our wearable body cameras and you will too. Here are some of the features of wearable spy cameras that make them so appealing: 

Crisp Video and Photo Resolution: Wearing a hidden body camera is not only a discreet way to capture footage, it’s a tech-smart one. Many hidden cameras capture footage in high resolution (or high definition), so you get clear images when you playback what you recorded. You don’t have to sacrifice quality when you use a tiny camera. 

Internal Memory: Whether you use a spy camera necklace or a diaper bag equipped with a cam, you can store hours of footage on the internal memory of the device. Just take out the SD card and put it into your computer, and you can review hours of video. Devices often have 8GB or about 10 hours of storage capabilities. Some devices can be set to automatically record over older footage when the memory runs out. 

Compatible with Mac and PC: Whether you’re an Apple or Microsoft user, you can watch the footage from your hidden body camera on your computer. Our wearable spy cameras record video and take photos in standard formats that are compatible with all regular operating systems. No conversion is necessary!

Chargeable Battery: Not only do wearable spy cameras feature long-lasting batteries, but they are rechargeable. That means you don’t have to track down a new set of batteries for every few uses of your secret camera. Some of our most popular models can fully recharge in just two hours. 

Motion Detection: Our wearable diaper bag with a camera can be set to motion detection when you’re not wearing it. That means once you put it down, it will only record if there is actually activity happening in the room. Covert cameras with motion detection save battery life and spare you from having to review hours of empty footage. 

Great Warranty: Customers also love the warranties on our wearable spy cameras. Some models have a limited warranty while others have a full, lifetime warranty. If something stops working unexpectedly or your spy cam doesn’t record correctly, the issue can be resolved via replacement. 

Whether you need the best wearable spy camera to record a vital conversation or you want to keep track of your kids by recording their whereabouts, The Home Security Superstore has a model that will meet your needs. Even better, our options are affordable and ship quickly. Browse our best-hidden cameras to wear and then contact us today if you still have questions about covert cameras!

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