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About Travel Alarms

Do you hate to leave your home security behind when you’re traveling?

Portable security systems are a savvy solution to staying safe when you’re away from home for work or fun. Even better, travel alarms are affordable and take up very little space in your luggage. They can be as small as a keychain alarm or as large as a security bar – in any case, portable alarm devices will keep you and your belongings more secure when you’re on-the-go. The Home Security Superstore has a variety of travel alarms that range in function and size, so there is always a security solution that meets your needs. 

Reasons to Stock Up on Travel Alarms

Staying safe while you’re traveling for business or leisure is always a top concern. You may have a money belt to hide your passport and credit cards and memorize local emergency numbers. But what about keeping your belongings safe in your hotel room or making sure your family stays together? Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons to invest in a few alarms to take on your next trip: 

Feel Safer Behind Your Hotel Room Door: Door alarms and security bars will alert you to anyone trying to enter your hotel room. Another type of portable alarm is the door wedge alarm, which will sound if a door opens unexpectedly. You’ll sleep better at night when you know you’ll be the first to hear of someone tampering with the entrance to your room or suite. 

Stay Awake When You’re Driving at Night: Another alarm we sell is ideal for long drives. You wear this alarm on your neck, and if you start to nod off it will detect your falling head and sound to wake you up. Being alerted about when it’s time to pull off the road and get some sleep could be lifesaving. 

Keep Track of Your Child On-the-Go: Staying united as a family at an amusement park or other busy destination can be stressful. A child locator alarm will beep if your kids stray more than 30 feet away from you, so you can stop and track them down. You may also want to consider a child locator bracelet, which allows you to track your child’s location from an app on your phone. 

Make Sure You Wake Up on Time: Opening your eyes on a business trip to realize the hotel forgot to deliver a wake-up call is a nightmare. And after a long flight, you could even sleep through your cell phone’s alarm chimes. Pack a vibrating alarm clock in your luggage, and you’ll always be roused from sleep at the right time. 

Alert Others to Danger in Seconds: You never know when a situation will go from safe to dangerous. Keychain and handheld panic alarms are good to bring with you when you’re in an unfamiliar location. In just a few seconds you can set off a piercing alarm that will signal trouble to anyone within earshot. 

Stocking up on portable alarms is easy and affordable. Whether you want to reinforce your hotel’s door or make sure you can alert others to danger while walking alone, travel alarms are the solution. These alarms can be checked in any luggage, and many are even safe and convenient for carry-on baggage. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out our Streetwise Panic Alarm w/ Door Strap & LED Light and Streetwise Portable Vibration Sensor Door Alarm for hotel safety. Still have questions? Contact The Home Security Superstore today to learn more about our portable security options today.