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  • Powerful 105 dB alarm blast

Additional Description

This alarm unit boasts the world’s smallest window alarm, at only 2.5 inches long! Its small size allows it to be discreetly placed at any window or door to protect your property from intruders. Any attempted break-in will cause the alarm to emit a powerful 105 dB alarm to alert property owners and also scare off potential intruders. To deactivate the alarm, simply insert the deactivation key. This product can also be used around the home to prevent access to any cabinets, such as gun or medicine cabinets, and entryways, such as sliding glass doors. This product is also the ideal solution for retail shop owners to prevent access to showcases and cash registers. Its affordable price tag makes this product the ideal security solution for home and shop owners - order as many as you need and place them in as many entry points as necessary. Package includes three (3) replaceable LR44 batteries, mounting double-stick tape stripes, a warning decal and a removable deactivation key.

  • Three (3) replaceable LR44 batteries
  • Mounting double-stick tape strips
  • Warning decal
  • Removable deactivation key