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Select an SD Card that fits your computer or camera.
  • High Capacity MicroSD Card w/ Adapter 32GB - Accessories for Spy Cameras

    High Capacity MicroSD Card w/ Adapter 32GB

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    Go big or go home - record the maximum amount with this card!

  • High Capacity MicroSD Card w/ Adapter 64GB - Accessories for Spy Cameras

    High Capacity MicroSD Card w/ Adapter 64GB

    Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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    Capture and save even more footage with this large and powerful card!

  • USB Flash Drive PC MicroSD Card Reader - Accessories for Spy Cameras

    USB Flash Drive PC MicroSD Card Reader

    Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
    3 Reviews


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    Simple solution for using memory cards your PC isn’t compatible with!

SD Cards

Are you looking for a new way to store security footage?

SD (secure digital) cards are a popular way to save photos and videos on portable devices. Even better, these cards can often be inserted into a laptop or desktop computer so you’re able to save the footage you capture to your hard drive. You can also download the security footage and send it via email. If you’re not super tech-savvy, buying SD cards online may be intimidating. The Home Security Superstore has several SD card options and we’re here to help you navigate their usage. Learning the ins and outs of SD cards is easier than you think. 

Answering Common Questions About SD Cards

The SD cards for sale on The Home Security Superstore website are compatible with many of our security products. Whether you’re setting up a DIY hidden pinhole camera or motion activated phone charger spy camera – many of these devices work with SD cards so you can transfer your data from your camera to your computer. Here are some of the top questions about SD cards, answered.

How Do I Know If My Computer Takes SD Cards?

Most new laptops will have a slot in the side that accepts SD cards. Look for a thin slot on the side of your computer that is labeled with the SD logo. Unless you have a very old model, chances are very high that you will be able to put your security equipment’s SD card into your computer for review and transfer. 

How Much Can an SD Card Hold?

SD cards can hold up to 64GB (or about 320 minutes of video on average). You should always check the storage capacity of a card when you’re ordering it. At The Home Security Superstore, for instance, we sell SD cards with 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. The right card for you will depend on the capacity of your security device and how much you need to be able to record at once. 

What is a MicroSD Card?

A MicroSD card is an SD card that is much smaller physically than a traditional SD card. They are becoming increasingly popular and used in everything from spy cameras to regular digital cams. These cards can also hold a lot of footage and they’re able to fit into smaller devices that can’t accommodate a full card. Your laptop may have a card for microcards, or you may need to use an adapter to make the transfer of data happen. 

Do I Need an SD Card Adapter?

If you are using a regular SD card, you shouldn’t need an adapter to take the card from your device and use it in your laptop. However, microcards often need an adapter to fit into the slot on your computer. On The Home Security Superstore site, the MicroSD cards we sell come with an adapter. The adapter is in the shape of a regular sized card; you’ll just pop the microcard into the adapter and then insert it into your computer. 

Do you have your eyes on one of our security devices that requires an SD card? Many of our devices come with a card, but we also have SD cards and adapters for sale at a price that you can afford. We also offer the USB Flash Drive PC MicroSD Card Reader, which is an alternative to a typical card adapter. If you don’t have a card slot in your laptop, the USB reader comes to the rescue. 

Still have questions about using SD cards? Contact us today to learn more about using this type of storage for security photos and video footage.

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