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  • Simply squeeze the device to sound alarm, perfect for emergency situations
  • Emits ear piercing 120 dB alarm blast
  • Contains an ultra bright built-in LED flashlight
  • Can attach to keyrings or attach to clothes with its metal clip
  • Measures only 2.5" long and 1.25" wide
  • Pink in color
  • Note: To activate alarm, simply squeeze device. To turn off alarm, simply press the gray center button. When alarm is not sounding, you can press the gray button for its bright LED flashlight function.

Additional Description

Give yourself security, even on the go with the Streetwise Panic Alarm keychain. The item features a fast and simple "squeeze and scare" operation that allows you to quickly activate the alarm at the same time you clutch and squeeze the device. When the alarm is no longer needed, simply turn it off by pressing the gray center button on the top. When the device is not sending off an ear piercing alarm, you can press the center button for an ultra-bright LED for nighttime safety. You can attach your alarm to your keys or even clip it to your clothes with its metal clip on the back, keeping it always within reach. Item includes (3) three LR44 button cell batteries.

  • Three (3) replaceable LR44 button cell batteries