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About Personal Panic Alarms

What is a personal alarm? Imagine running into a mugger on your evening jog or coming up on a burglar as they ransack your house. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a loud, attention-grabbing siren at hand? A personal alarm can attract help when you need it most and may even thwart attackers before they have a chance to cause harm. They’re discreet, easy-to-use, and they’re incredibly inexpensive.

A personal alarm is a smart gift for a new college student or an elderly family member. They fit easily inside a purse, a briefcase, or even on a keychain and can be kept on your person or at home. Some even come in fun animal shapes for kids to carry on their backpacks! Additional options include an LED flashlight for seeing in the dark and some even have the added benefit of pepper spray, too. What kind of trouble could a personal alarm save you from?

No one knows they need a personal alarm until it’s too late…be prepared with a proven alarm from a company like Sabre or Reliance. A keychain personal alarm can do everything from ward off attackers to scare away an angry dog, and it may just bring help your way when you need it most.