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  • Secondary image - SABRE® Adjustable 2-in-1 Home Security Door Bar w/ 115dB Alarm SABRE® Adjustable 2-in-1 Home Security Door Bar w/ 115dB Alarm - Door Security Bars

    SABRE® Adjustable 2-in-1 Home Security Door Bar w/ 115dB Alarm

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    Setup in seconds to stop intruders from entering your home and scare them off with the 115dB alarm!

About Motion Detector Alarms

Want to know immediately if there is unexpected activity on your property? Motion detector alarms keep you safe when you’re sleeping and protect your home while you’re on vacation. A motion sensor alarm only activates when it detects someone moving around in your home, and many models will auto-dial an emergency number and alert you to activation remotely. You can even talk through the security system to tell a potential intruder to get lost because you’re calling the authorities. 

Installing a motion detector or motion sensor alarm is the quintessential way to stay alert when someone (or something!) enters your property. Designed to chime, light up, or even dial your phone number when they detect motion, these alarms are a great compliment to any DIY home security system. They’re easy to install, simple to use, and they’re incredibly effective!

Secure Your Home and Office on a Budget

The best thing about our best motion alarms for home security is that they’re wireless and easy to install yourself. You don’t have to rewire your entire home to keep it safe – which is really great news for renters. Here are some of our most popular models:

4-Piece Autodialer Systems: With a setup like the HomeSafeⓇ 4-Piece Wireless Home Security System, you will have a base control unit, a window/door alarm, and a second wireless motion sensor to track movement in your home. These systems also come with a remote and panic button. 

Ceiling Alarms: Ceiling alarms are simple and effective. Often disguised as a smoke detector, they hide in plain sight so they won’t be tampered with. 

Portable Alarms: A portable motion detector has two parts: the motion detector and a portable receiver. The receiver can communicate with the alarm from up to 2 miles away, making this type of system great for security guards or people who want to detect motion in a guest property or garage from their house nearby. 

Do you need an affordable way to protect your home or office? Motion detector alarms are a great option. From an outdoor motion sensor light with an alarm to an indoor system with multiple sensors, you have plenty of options. A motion sensor alarm makes perfect sense inside the entryways of your home. They’ll let you know when a break-in occurs or even if your kids try to sneak out! Certain models can be set to exclude small pet motion, too. And if you need outdoor motion detection, we can help with that too. Driveway alarms and gate motion alarms are a great solution if you’ve got concerns about trespassers. 

Shop our selection of motion detectors and motion alarms to find an option that works for your budget and needs. When you have a motion detector installed, you can rest assured knowing your easy-to-install motion sensor alarm will let you know when something’s amiss. Set to detect even the slightest movement, some motion sensor alarms actually connect to fire alarms and security cameras, too! It takes less than an hour and just a few batteries to secure all your home’s entry points from invasion. Whatever you need to complete your DIY security objectives, we can help.

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