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Why Should You Carry More Than One Self-Defense Tool at a Time

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Personal safety is a regular concern in the United States. As mass shootings occur with more consistency, people of all backgrounds have had to take their personal safety into account when entering public spaces. 

This existence of public violence is an issue, one that many are struggling to deal with, because while violence in America has decreased in recent decades, certain American cities still struggle with crime and murder on top of ongoing events of mass violence.   

This reality has led to many people arming themselves for protection against assault, theft, and mass violence. But personal safety is more than carrying a single weapon on you for self-defense. Total safety comes from preparation, where you are ready to handle whatever situation life presents you. 

To adequately protect yourself, it is recommended that you carry more than one self-defense weapon on you when out in public. 

Why more than one self-defense tool? 

The truth is that not every weapon will work to deter an assailant. Moreover, not every weapon is suited for whatever situation might come your way. 

To properly deter an assailant and protect yourself, it is recommended that you carry more than one self-defense tool at a time. While this might sound like overkill, you wouldn’t be the only one relying on multiple tools for enhanced safety—security personnel and cops carry multiple weapons everyday.

The types of tools you’ll want to combine include short- and long-range products, as well as weapons that rely on combative force. This means products that allow you to stop an assailant from a distance and objects that allow you to incapacitate them if they get too close, physically fending them off with a wielded weapon. 

Here are four non-lethal options you should combine for your everyday carry routine: 

Non-lethal options to combine for everyday carry: 

1. Pepper Spray

Handheld pepper spray can help you remain safe while maintaining distance between you and a criminal, with most weapons having an accuracy of over 15 feet. 

2. Stun Baton

Expandable stun batons can let you fend off attackers when they are within a few feet, while allowing you to scare them off with the crackling sound of the electric prongs. 

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3. Stun Flashlight

Used either face-to-face or from a distance, a stun gun flashlight allows users to briefly blind assailants with the high-lumen output while giving them an electric shock when in close proximity. 

4. Keychain Weapons

Easy to carry, keychain weapons go wherever you go. Accessible alongside your keys, these small weapons allow you to fend off attackers who are unaware that you have a self-defense tool right in the palm of your hand. 

What if these weapons aren’t enough? 

If you feel like these weapons might not be enough for any situation you could end up in, it might be smart to carry a potentially lethal weapon on your person. Such weapons include a knife or a pistol that you are legally allowed to concealed carry

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Guns should always be used as a last line of defense. If you do decide to carry a gun and brandish it, it should only be done if your life is being threatened; furthermore, the weapon should only be aimed at another person if you are prepared to use it. These are just a few essential firearm safety rules that must be followed if you feel prepared to carry a gun into a public place.  

Self-defense requires preparation. To ensure you remain safe while out in public, it is a good idea for you to plan ahead, carrying weapons—which you’re trained with—that can keep you safe in the event of a theft or assault. Don’t hesitate to look at the inventory of self-defense weapons available at The Home Security Superstore to find the right combination of weapons to fit your protection needs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Carrying Self-Defense Tools:

Why should I carry more than one self-defense weapon at a time? 

No single weapon will protect you from every type of crime. Combine short- and long-range weapons to protect yourself at all costs. 

What self-defense tools should I carry together? 

Bring tools that are easy to conceal yet ready to use in a moment’s notice, such as a keychain weapon, a stun gun, or pepper spray.

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